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Additional locations for WoW Aug 2020!

An idea is emerging to host multiple small local on-sites gatherings in various places, all connected to the online gathering for WoW Gotland 2020.

There are a few potential sites on Gotland we could spread across to potentially allow more people on the island. There is a spot in a forest on Värmdö, outside Stockholm, that the amazing community member @Paz has offered the community to use. The Conscious Gems community will most likely also host a small group at their location in France. We know people will also join from Brazil, LA, New York, Berlin, Copenhagen etc., so maybe we should encourage gathering smaller groups there as well? Potentially we should look at doing more of these small connected on-location gatherings in more countries?

Pinging @fabivuki @Dani @Nathan @JoB @Bart @Cris @Kong @Hector @marcus @tperret @Tanja and other “internationals” for your thoughts, and potential interest in help setting such local gatherings up. <3

Thanks Nils, sounds like a lovely idea. There’s a good chance that I’ll be in Mexico or Costa Rica on the day, so right now I can’t commit to hosting. Will know more at the end of the month.

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There is the idea that if we end up with three or more of these tiny local gatherings, we might change the name to just World of Wisdom and the host camp to The Seed Gotland. This would make it less confusing and allow for a more local yet connected structure.

Then the build-up (Aug 11-13) could be more focused on on-location activities, and the gathering (Aug 13-16) on online activities, with all the local groups merging into a virtual village.

Food for thought and discussion! :heart:

I like this. It is something that has been bubbling in me around this also. I see the benefits as

  • Less confusing for participants. It is online. Fullstop.
  • It allows anyone to join on “eye level” i.e. if you join from afghanistan you are just as much a “full participant” as of you are at gotland or in Berlin. (I think this could also be a main value proposition of WoW in a sense i.e. that you can join from your location in your own terms. It would allow for inclusion in a really nice and equal way.)
  • We keep the local connection with Gotland since we have the Seed there for this gathering.

Also I think it is super important to still maintain the ambition of leaving a better trace in a tangible way in Gotland. We have the call on the 17th of June with the local communities. Let’s see if we can ask what a relevant challenge to address is and if we can source a solution to or start the process for solving for. I have a feeling that it is really important to also actually leave something physical improved not just pretty words and thoughts…


I will write something up and get some dialogue started in our circles here in the Un-united States.

We have a camp of 2 so far - soon to grow no doubt.


Yaaaaaayyy!! :heart::heart::heart::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

A dear friend in San Francisco could most likely set up a group there too (just had a conversation with him tonight) :heart:

We now suggest to change the name of the event to simply World of Wisdom and open up for multiple smal local gatherings around the world (connected online). The host camp will change its name to The Seed Gotland to reflect where it is being hosted from.

We’ll make this change this week, unless people don’t agree? Let us know <3

Random pings @Amit @Louise @Melker @lalagogo2 @davidhjlindberg @Axel @King_Daniel @fabivuki @Tanja <3


Just want to send a massive thank you to @Tanja who set up a call for us today with amazing social entrepreneurs from all over the world (Berlin, Kabul, Dubai, Jordan etc…) - such a gift allowing us to expand into even more communities <3


Looks like there might be a local gathering in Los Angeles as well. More info tome <3

In talks with Denmark now as well :wink: Let me know if you, or any friends of yours, are interested in joining from there <3

And we have started conversations with Brazil too!

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