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Biohacking Camp @ WoW August 2020

The term ‘biohacking’ is closely related to the term ‘human enhancement’. The human body has become a quantifiable object; a collection of ones and zeros that can be measured, mapped out, manipulated, monitored and enhanced, and which you can intervene in, make more efficient, influence and have control over.

Join the camp to understand how you can upgrade your body and your brain to perform better than you ever have. We will navigate through the history of agriculture, assuming that we are in a food matrix that does not like us well and only aims at profit, and how can we save ourselves from this modern slavery.

We are going to discuss the main symptoms and deficiencies when you have your neurotransmitters out of balance and what are the most used nootropics/smartdrugs accepted by the biohacker community, understanding the risks, potential side effects, and where/how to buy or formulate them.

Tracking is the way to start crafting the life you want, so finally we can learn about metrics and best devices for automatic data gathering to get your health organized improving your workflow with simple, straightforward techniques.

Would you like to help? Do you have any questions, concerns or comments?
Feel free to comment and we will be happy to adjust according to what you are looking for



Can’t wait!!!

Hey Marcus, I’m curious what will happen in this camp.
Do you have any planned sessions the coming days? :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus,
Long term biohacker and cognitive enhancement nerd here. What are you working on for WoW?


Ping @marcus (just to make sure he sees your questions) <3

Hi @Louise, thanks for the interest. So I’m planning two sessions for tomorrow (Friday) on the seed camp and also streamed if possible

Hi @maria,

Amazing! I’m working on two sessions for tomorrow (Friday) that would be about:

  1. Nutrition / Ketosis / Fasting
  2. Finding balance through neurotransmitters and nootropics

Would you be interested in joining in any of these conversations?
We could prepare some live Q&A on the fly if you think it could be a good idea


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Sounds great @marcus what time are you planning for?
Especially #2 is of interest, even if they go together quite well.
Live Q&A on the fly sounds like my cup of tea, I tend to forget that I sit on a big knowledge repository until someone asks a question.

@maria Friday 14:00-14:45. Would that work for you?

Slides, list of supplements/nootropics and zoom recording is available here

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