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Budgeting and money management

Let’s keep discussing how we as a community deal with the management of funds.

Have a look at this - could be an option for us!

Ping @Nathan @Amit

Mechanism for payment to those involved in the core team around a gathering.
I had an idea that we should set a fraction of the income earmarked for those that make the event happen. For WoW Gotland this could be 1/3rd of ticket sales. 1/3rd for infrastructure and 1/3rd for grants.

Anyone that partook in the creation of the central parts of the gathering would be eligible for compensation. The team will have to decide jointly on how to allocate the funds. This process will be an open discussion and will conclude when the team has reached consensus.

I think about this as: We believe that one gets involved in WoW due to a strong conviction and involvement and if we need to also rely on voluntary work in order to build this movement to create the “new tomorrow”. That said we also do not think all work should always be free and depending on those engaged and the tasks one takes on there should be mechanisms for paying those that are central to facilitating the gatherings or are deemed critical to the organisation and in building the movement.

What do you think. A good idea? Be great to bring this up on an open space as a decision point. How can it be done?

Input: @nils, @annaeliasson, @Louise, @Axel, @Melker, @King_Daniel @lalagogo2 and anyone else of course.



It makes sense to me! As long as it is open, transparent and allows anyone to join - as always :heart:



I also think it would be useful to have a really hands on and unsexy discussion soly focused on the topic of money. Both on monitary compensation and also on how we see the future of both bringing in and spending money fitting into the grand narative of WoW.

Preferably after Gotland i.e. once we have a better feel for where seem to be and hope to end up in the coming future based on some real world data.


I fully agree!!! Should we set up an open call for that prior to Gotland you’d say?

Maybe. What would be the purpose of the open call in contrast to the dedicated one (that should also be open)? I could see a point in doing it to plan and set the agenda for the other call, to spawn ideas or both.

But! Another reason, apart from the more data one mentioned, would be that I see no acute need in doing it now ( before Gotland ) whereas there are other topics that really do need attention leading up to the event to make it as good as possible, so I believe the focus should be on those.

A possible caveat would be that I hold this “Post Gotland” view as long as we would go with @Amit s previous suggestion in order to be clear on the financial side directly tied to the event itself. So that might need to be brought up and detailed a bit before hand, for example to incorporate @Linus “Invest in WoW” idea that he brought up.


Makes sense! I also don’t feel stressed, but naturally that it should be done, recorded and shared. Plan for after the August Gathering?