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Call for videos!

A big ask from the community. Please start recording videos of yourself so we can make community-created content to share with newcomers and outsiders. <3

This is what we’re looking for:
Video 1: What is WoW to you? Why are you involved?
Video 2: If you are planning to host a camp. Record a short explanation your camp and why you’re creating it.
Video 3: Record videos for one or several of the 10 guiding principles. How would you explain them? What do they mean to you?

Upload your videos here. Simple phone recordings and just talking is fine!

For your info @davidhjlindberg @Amit @Louise @Melker @Axel @Malin @Linus :wink:

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Here are two videos ready to be used:

What is World of Wisdom?

Invitation to WoW Gotland (in Swedish)

Any chance you could get them onto YouTube @epoquei? <3 <3

A big thank you to Fabian for making the videos!!! <3

Feel free to use these @Amit @Louise et al

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Hej! I’ve sent a reminder email to Karin, Frida + Paula at Region Gotland for the list of possible interested locals on the island for co-creation 11-16aug either online or on-site and added the video “Invitation to Gotland”. I couldn’t find it on Youtube, so sent it via the Google Drive link.

Await feedback.


Just uploaded the first video, but noticed that there’s also another WoW YouTube account haha, where the trailer is:

Don’t have access to that new account, but we should probably use that one instead since the trailer is already live there. Do you know who uploaded that video @nils?

Hiding the video I just uploaded for now (on the old channel)

Ah confusing! @davidhjlindberg did you create the other account by any chance?

Davids video was on an account with his personal emai. New plan is to use the general account you set up @epoquei. So go ahead and upload the two videos there, and then @davidhjlindberg will send you the trailer to upload there as well. Makes sense?

Btw, @davidhjlindberg could you add the domain to the end of the trailer while you’re at it? <3

Videos are up on the “new” YouTube channel: ping @epoquei @davidhjlindberg @Amit @Linus

Here’s the invitation for WoW Gotland in Swedish (only visible for those with the link): ping @Louise @lalagogo2

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Okey thank you for letting me know!
Then I’ll keep the other video hidden :slight_smile:

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Edit: <3 WOW Gotland :wink: