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Camps at WoW August 2020

Let’s share what camps we are planning (online or offline) for WoW Gotland 2020 (Aug 11-16).

I am planning three separate online (and partly offline) camps (which makes for a very busy schedule for me, haha):

Secret of Sound - a sound healing camp offering gong baths and singing bowl sessions for personal healing, meditation and inner connection.

The Keys - a holistic coaching camp with various sessions for inner healing, aligning with your purpose and acting from your power.

Communication Kitchen - a camp with hands-on workshops for organisations and individuals looking to clarify what they stand for. Learn how to explain your purpose to others and engage the world in your mission! We’ve got the tasty communication recipes you’ve been looking for!


I will do a camp called

Sustainable transformation camp It will be live podcasts with awesome people talking about the transformation we are heading into. I have a session with an awesome marketing (soon to be) PhD and there will be more on regenerative farming, perhaps fashion and other topics coming up.

Tools: Probably over Zoom and then streamed to youtube… Also recorded for future benefit. A though I have is to allow for more ppl into Zoom to have a more interactive dialogue. We’ll see.

Oh and if there are people that want to get involved with tech / recording / facilitation / sourcing audience questions etc. Please reach out. I would love to team up!

I wrote together something more extensive as things are taking shape. This is still a process that is emerging. Thankful for inputs / thoughts / ppl:

The inquiry

Sustainable transformation camp wants to explore sustainability and how it relates to the current system. Less interested in the symptoms that we so often discuss and instead looking at the “why’s” with the ambition of trying to get to the core. We would like to discover what underlying mechanisms and “truths” we have to understand to be able to effectively change the current paradigm.

How we’ll do it:

The camp will be streamed via Youtube. Conversations will be held via zoom. Those that wish may participate in the zoom room. The structure will be ca 1-1,5 hours of “live podcast” / long form interview with an expert within a field. Thereafter we open up the floor for a conversation / exploration.

Topics so far…

  • Consumerism, perpetual growth and ever-increasing demand are -isms in marketing. Do they have to be? What is the role for marketing in a sustainable society? Could marketing be a generator for a bottom up approach - i.e. where corporations take on the fundamental issues governments have not been able to address?
    (Possible ppl:
    Session on sustainable marketing: SSE PhD on Markting. Awesome, interesting dude.
    Also a session on fashion. Chemist from Patagonia.
    Also session on innovation: Tesla.
    Also a session on beyond sustainability:

  • Community - tech is a divider. Is it inherently bad? What is the potential of the new wave of “good tech”? Why did google with it’s intention of “don’t be evil” become just that? Where are we headed? How should we think about tech? Where does it stand when viewed as the reclusive hiearacy - a theory that states that we cannot be or develop anything beyond the adult development stage of the leader of a specific firm. Anything built or spawned will mirror the flaws of its makers. What is the role of tech in creating and maintaining a sustainable society?


Two supporting camps that will be set up (and for which we’ll need some help from the community):

Welcome & Support Camp: This is a camp where we welcome new arrivals on the online platform (to make sure everyone is greeted) and where participants can go if they need online support (e.g. if they have technical issues, any questions or concerns) - we’ll ask the community to help by taking turns as hosts of this camp.

Future WoW Camp: A camp to discuss and plan future World of Wisdom gatherings. If you’re interested in hosting one in your area or online, come explore with us! We’ve built the platform and the framework for you to use <3

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Just in! Looks like we’ll have a camp offering a unique screening of this new documentary:

There will be one or more music camps! <3

Camp and session hosts! Feel free to send us photos of yourself (you can post them here, PM me or email - and we’ll make you images like these:

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