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Confused or unsure about hosting a camp?

After tonight’s open call, we’ve decided to support each other in coming up with what camps to host. We’ll make sure to have this as part of our bi-weekly preparation calls for WoW August. The calls are every other Tuesday at 9PM CET at (password: wow) and the next one is July 7th (sign up here).

We’ll run through some of the camps already being planned as inspiration <3


I am thinking this is the right place to post the wonderful recording of the open call for participants on the 7th of July 2020.

There was 7 of us and after the check in - some 20 minutes in or so you we share some of the things that seems to be emerging in this gathering on the 11-16th of August. It is so incredibly exciting.

I also wanted to presence some needs that we have:

  • Call for more locations. If you want to set something up and bring a few of your friends. We’ll help you reach out. (@Amit and @nils)
  • We have a wonderful place in Värmdö outside of Stockholm, end of the buss line that has amazing potential for a gathering for those in the City. BUT we do need a project manager for this. Is it you? Someone you know? Reach out to @Paz or me (@Amit)
  • We need more people in facilitation camps. If you would like to welcome people or get involved in support (emotional or tech), hold space or facilitate a room? Get in touch @Amit, @Axel and @nils

The camps we get into during the call are:

  • Sustainable transformation camp.
  • Sound healing camp with gong baths.
  • Coaching Camp
  • Communications camp
  • PsiX might host a camp around the intersection of psychoactivation (breath, yoga, meditation etc) techniques and Innovation / Change / Leadership
  • INK will host a prototyping camp
  • Communities of Hope a documentary around the Eco Village network will premiere.
  • Yoga camp(s)
  • Music camp with Casette and others…
  • Water camp
  • Glassbead game camp

To hear the full recording please click into the link here.

As always immensely grateful to be co-creating this with you.

If you want to join in the planning or facilitation of the central event. Just reach out. There is plenty to do.



Howdy! Happy to be part of the welcome wagon. Also part of the Healing Crew (I’m a Reiki practitioner) Yours, Annika

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Tech platform is now online.… Go there to explore what’s going on and to set up your camp!

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