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Content for WoW Aug 2020

Here is a thread for discussion on content and marketing at WoW Aug 2020. Now discuss!
@nils @fabian och fler…

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Yes, we are looking for content creators! Knowing that @annaeliasson and Elsa will be on site and probably more

I am able to help with any editing before and after the festival :+1:


Sharing some amazing images created by our magic communicators @Malin @Linus with support from @davidhjlindberg @epoquei <3 Feel free to share :smiley:


We’ve had a little call today regarding content:

Upload content: photos / videoclips

Anyone that’s been documenting on location at the Gotland gathering are welcome to upload their content, edited or not edited, to the World of Wisdom Google Drive:
If you do so you agree that the content might be used and shared by the World of Wisdom community.
If you share content, attribution to the creator is of course greatly appreciated but not required. Please also tag worldofwisdom if you do so we can spread the love.

If you for some reason are having issues uploading your material, talk to Nils, he has unlimited file capacity (and wisdom :slight_smile: )

Ask for themed videos
Two of our first priorities for edited videos are

1. Video showcasing the experience on location at Gotland.
People,Scenery, Vibe, Tipis, Bathtub etc. We’re not looking for the “one” official video but rather if you feel inclined you can create your own, or even better, co-create a video showing the world the experience we had.

2. Community/Participators voices video
Video /videos highlighting what World of Wisdom is to you. Adam interviewed quite a few participants on location for this footage. If you feel inclined, you can also upload your own video of you explaining what World of Wisdom is to you.

Co creation is at the heart of our community so don’t be afraid to ask for help, opinions, support, coffee or whatever you need in your creative process :slight_smile:

If you come up with other themes for content that we can share, please share it with us.

Lots of Love


Also, feel free to record your own videos or write quotes about what World of Wisdom is to you. It will be very useful for us creating updated websites, decks etc.

Upload to the shared Drive <3