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Fate of Hållö Gathering

Hello, hello.

Let’s discuss the posibilities and risks with hosting a group of 50 people from a few different countries on a tiny island together for a few days.

Note that it’s far from the 500 limit the goverments are putting up.

Can we make sure noone that have the virus enters the island? Becuase if someone does, I guess many will catch it.

What to do if we have to cancel it all together? My first proposal would be to refund what’s left after the costs that’s already been made (booking of the island etc)

If we have to cancel, I wish we could transform it. My housemate would have hosted a huge school-conference, which is not getting canceled and they are going to turn it into online lectures. I would love to see the workshop-holders to get the opportunity to share by video or some other creative online interaction.

all the best / Tova


Thank you for bringing this up. My two cents:

  1. It can take up to two weeks before symptoms appear after being infected. Thus, it will be very difficult to make sure no one who’s infected comes to the island.

  2. If it gets cancelled, we could experiment with doing online sessions and workshops. Maybe simply setup a schedule of Zoom sessions (which can host up to 100 participants in the free version), that people can join online? That would be a good thing to experiment with for future WoW gatherings anyway.

Thanks again for starting this conversation :heart:

Here’s an update, Hållö will be postponed!