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@nils @Amit or anyone in WoW <3 :

For example for security / medical teams:
Do they also pay for tickets or are they expected to share their knowledge as a gift too?
I’m thinking a mom with 3 kids who can share their medical knowledge as a gift for 2 days. They pay too or how does it work for us?



That is up to us as a community to decide, and if someone wants to join but can’t afford to, I’m sure we can find a way to work that out together <3

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Thanks!! It’s becoming more and more clear how it all works… haha <3

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I like that principle too. In my head it’s the “Sam Harris model” like here’s what it costs but if you can’t afford it talk to us. The money we “make” on the events will go back to making an awesome event mainly… all tough exactly how and how much is another thing we are figuring out too…