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Future of Society camp - WoW 2020

Hello beautiful people!

I’m starting this thread to give an overview of the Future of Society camp, so that everyone can find the information they need to participate in our activities.

Our VideoBooth where you can share your vision for a brighter future (24/7 available)
We’d like to create a collective vision of what the future of our society and life on earth will look like. Therefore we invite you to share your perspective, so that we can start visualizing the way forward and inspire eachother to co-create a new world.

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Aug 13 18.00 - 19.30 CEST: Future of Organisations – Mastermind
We see some interesting developments, where forward-thinking organisations are expanding into more organic systems and structures, where the main driver is shifting from profit to purpose and impact, where employees become project owners and competitors evolve into collaborators. We want to explore these new ways of doing business and working.

This is a round table discussion with thought leaders in the field of organisations. We have some amazing guests joining us! You are invited to join the conversation and share your questions with them.


Aug 14 10.00 - 11.30 CEST: Conscious Tech – Workshop
Tech is becoming increasingly important in our lives. We rely on it to fulfil many of our daily needs and wants. We share a lot of data and private information on these platforms. This puts a lot of responsibility on tech companies to protect us and handle our data in ethical ways.

In order to rise up to this challenge, we would like to invite conscious tech entrepreneurs and other interested parties to come together in this workshop to co-create a ‘code of ethics’ in the form of a Conscious Tech Manifesto that we would all like to adhere to and subscribe to. The vision is to get all tech initiatives on board in the future – towards a future where all tech is created and used with integrity, care and forethought. We are looking forward to meeting some of the pioneers in the area of conscious tech and hearing your thoughts on it.

Zoom-room (Passcode: 621026) Link
Miro-board: Link
Watch the recording here:

Aug 14 15.30 - 17.00 CEST: Towards a Thriving Civilization – Mastermind
Old paradigms seem to no longer apply, while new ones have not yet been fully adopted. Plenty of new paradigms are out there about the way we could thrive as a society in the future but since value systems are changing, new visions are needed to unite and guide us to forge the way ahead – looking back to learn, looking ahead to be inspired, staying present to co-create.

In this mastermind, thought-leaders will discuss the question: "How can we build a civilization that unlocks the full human potential while living in harmony with nature?” We have some very special guests joining us, so make sure you don’t miss this! You are invited to join the conversation and share your questions and ideas with them.


Aug 14 17:15 - 20.15 CEST: What HR Must Become – Workshop
Few organisations are equipped for the challenges we see today, let alone the sustainable and regenerative economy we must transition to. One key set of capital we need to sustain and regenerate, is human capital. What will the people function of the future look like? Together, we’ll discuss the implications for organisation design, leadership, developing individuals, teams, communities. In this workshop, we aim to brainstorm and exchange ideas, best practices and challenges around Human Capital to keep growing this valuable asset.

Aug 15 16.00 - 17.30 CEST: Future of Money – Mastermind
Money makes the world go round. It is the fundamental fuel for our human production. Yet we also realize that the way we have organized money causes many of the challenges we face today. “How can we reshape and repurpose money such that it will serve a world in which people and planet thrive?”

You are invited to join the conversation and share your questions and ideas with them. We have some very special guests joining us, so make sure you don’t miss this!