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Gatherings as process and ceremony

Based on a beautiful sharing from @lalagogo2 in this week’s online open space, we’re starting a discussion here around how to design processes, rituals and ceremonies for WoW gatherings - wether they happen online or offline.

This post is simply to start off the topic, so let’s discuss!

We’re already discussing ceremonies for the gatherings: arrival ceremony (individual), opening ceremony (community), closing ceremony (community) and exit ceremony (individual) etc.

Let’s explore how we can design and facilitate a process based on the 10 principles, combined with ceremonies and rituals <3

Ping @Nathan @Amit @Melker :wink:

Some thoughts from the meeting:

  1. how could the gathering be a structured and emergent process online (that may or may not result in a physical gathering). Keywords (for me): transformation and emergence
  2. lets create a skeleton for the online process (e.g. we meet three times. in the first event we set intentions, explore emergence, and our gifts). That way we can invite people to contributing to these events and processes
  3. In the tricky financial times, perhaps we could have a gifting system in place, where people offer gifts (holding workshops and processes), and there could be an option to receive financial gifts from participants or from the ticket sales. The gifters could also see this as an opportunity to prototype online transformation processes and workshops
  4. how would people be involved throughout the process (do they need to be “ticket holders” intending to be at physical gathering, or could we have hybrid participants that are only involved online.)
  5. should we maybe rethink the physical gathering and reshape it to online gathering- opening up the process? Mainly thinking of the ethical issue of possibly putting strain on Gotlands health care. Or we could have tiny gatherings as finalé of the process, and this could be in many places of locals…
  6. curating participants, if at Gotland- should definitely invite a large portion of participants from gotland (maybe politicians, artists, locals…, etc)
  7. Lets connect to others working with online transformation and emergence processes, not reinvent the wheel.
  8. Designing rituals for emerging stories
  9. Research project- we could set it up as a participatory research process, were we can document and reflect on the process and write about this that could share and deepen our inquiry and help to develop this framework

Thank you all!

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I love these thoughts! Let’s do a Zoom open space focused on this for anyone interested. I’d be happy to join and I’m guessing @lalagogo2 @Amit and @Melker would too <3

Let’s set a date here and use the usual :slight_smile:

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I am noticing how my routine is becoming established during this interlude of coronavirus. I stretch as I wake, have a drink and do my ablutions. This ideally includes using my earth closet which is the fundamental daily routine of returning my leftovers to the earth. Then I wash and return the water to the earth. Then I do yoga, finishing with a sun salutation and balance poses. I may then do some work before breakfast. The rest of the day will continue in a combination of working, eating, celebrating and resting.
I wonder if just sharing our daily routines as a celebration of life could be the basis for an event in itself? Just to set a general pattern, a muster, for the events could be all that is necessary. The organisation of each event could be a variation on this theme depending on the location. The celebratory part of each event would then depend on whatever the participants have to contribute.
For large gatherings I found this link which I think is perfect for WoW events.
I have written to WaterAid to ask what happens with the material that is collected using the good loos to inform the purpose of the WoW gatherings of being for-giving to and caring for the earth.


I love those ideas @JoB! Let’s being them into the upcoming workshop around this topic, hoping you’d like to join?

yes, would definitely like to join! I can do any evening next week (preferably not wednesday)

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Yes I would like to join. My diary is pretty free at the moment!

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Hey guys, how does Tuesday April 14th looks for a Zoom workshop on this @JoB @lalagogo2 @Melker @Amit? I can do 15-16 CET or 20-21 CET

Tuesday works for me. I would prefer to meet at 20-21.

Hi Nils, I can do either of those times

Available at both times :slight_smile:

Great, then let’s do Tuesday April 14th 20-21 CET. Zoom link:

Sounds ok? @Melker @lalagogo2 @JoB <3

I’ll try to join in too! awesome!

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Yes, that’s good for me :slight_smile:

If I’m back from the waves I’ll try and join in to listen as well <3

So I haven’t had an answer to my question about what happens to the stuff collected in the good loos and I had another idea! I wrote this to the CEO of WaterAid. I wondered if it might resonate here.
To take the Good Loos tagline “thank you for doing your business with us” a stage further I wonder if it might be possible to engage festival artists with the good loos concept by inviting them, in no uncertain terms, to “do a proper job” for WaterAid. It may be that festival artists who are humble enough to use a good loo and show that they literally give a s*** for the earth could also be moved to help the bottom line with a financial contribution to WaterAid projects. Signed “I could use a good loo” or “I gave a s*** for the earth” photos of the artists and maybe even filming projects could be spin-off fundraisers.

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Thanks for that update @JoB!

See you all in about an hour on :heart:

I started writing and some ideas came:) the juice ran low after ritual 2, to be continued:)

Ritual 1 (arrival for the individual, online)
It’s summer
anticipating gatherers get an invitation to begin their reflective process and to set intention for wow
maybe its a voice asking you questions (I imagine Maria Paz:))– bringing your attention to small and big things,
maybe’s its an intimate letter, reminding us of the heart of WOW, and suggestions of how to set your intentions

Ritual 2 (tea ceremonies, online)
We are invited to open call with all gatherers. There we can see the anticipated faces that we may or may not see in person. From there we go into small groups (fractals) into tea ceremonies and offer a gift to the others. Perhaps, the tea can infuse us with some deep reflections for our purpose here (on earth), our interconnection to all things… Perhaps, it’s a space to connect to a few others, get an insight into their journey. Throughout the small and big groups we explore play, ritual, sacredness and intimacy.

((In between Ritual 2 and 3, we have some processes in relation to challenges– as mentioned by Nils))

Ritual 3 (closing– online)
Do some people’s journeys “end” here? Do others transition into an in-person event? How can bring a closure to the online, and also open up for the in-person event? Partayyy:)


After today’s meeting (which I’ll post a link to soon), I resonate with:
Honoring sacredness, honoring the individual journey, honoring the communal journey, making the implicit explicit, testing things very small scale (as in our meetings). Honoring the 10 guiding principles as ritual, ceremony and process!

I’ll come back with ideas as well :slight_smile: Thank you for a very inspirational session today!

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