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Highly relevant media on the meta-topic of WoW -


I like the work of Ian MacKenzie.

His latest short movie is Prayer for the Earth: an Indigenous Response to These Times (13min).


Here are two very inspiring Ted talks we watched yesterday about stubborn optimism and a beautiful ode to our planet :heart:


I stumbled upon this:
which is a presentation from something called World Summit:
It sounds very interesting and relevant to WoW and I thought I should drop it here


This might be of interest too and an inspiration for us, free of charge May 20-25:

Ping @Amit @Louise @Melker @fabivuki @Axel @lalagogo2 @annaeliasson and the rest of you <3

This game looks very interesting! Anyone wanna try it out? Maybe set up a camp for it at WoW Gotland?

Thinking @Amit may be interested?


Also just found this list of online tools:

Anyone with expereience? I haven’t heard of most of them…

  • Brella
  • HeySummit
  • Clickmeeting
  • Livestorm
  • Hopin (know this one)
  • Demio
  • Slido
  • Swapcard
    (And zoom and gotomeeting ofcourse).
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On friday it’s the international day for Biological Diversity and there’s lots going on over here:

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I hink this can be VERY inspirational and instructive!

I might be bias due to the fact that I’ve followed Rebel Wisdom for a long time but to me much, if not all, of their content aligns with my view of our mission. I’ll be attending for sure and will do my best to take away as much as possible but due to the nature of the thing (choose your own adventure, similar to what we will use) I’ll only be able to partake in some of it so maybe someone else would like to join as well?


ping @Amit @tperret @nils

Keep an eye out for interesting people to invite to WoW!

I had a super interesting afternoon hosted by Absolutely ppl we should reach out to and see if we can get involved in the WoW Gotland event if not overall.

Some nuggets:
Amy C Edmonsson talked about the importance of asking good questions and psychological safety.
To me what resonated as “new” was the definition of psychological safety “as a sense of shared responsibility and openness based on vulnerability”. It is very concrete.
The invitation to curiosity and approaching every question with the intent to be curious.
How we also need to “fail well”. It is ok to fail as long as we did in a way that gave us an opportunity to learn.

Kegan and Garvey Berger discussed how we can achieve a MindShift:
Kegan mapped the underlying reasons for why we could be headed for a MindShift in our world today:

  1. The collective level of attention
  2. The common enemy that is a potential for unity
  3. System shock

Garvey brought that down to a personal skills to cultivate:

  • Asking good questions
  • Taking on multiple perspectives
  • Developing our capacity to see systems and in-between spaces.
    "Lets live our way into a new tomorrow"

Peter Senge finished up wonderfully.
“The oldest meaning of mind is heart” (In old Chinese literature that is what it means, the mind focused on thinking is a western construct)
“What are we moving toward?” (Instead of focusing what we are moving from)
“In the pursuit of gain everyday something is learnt. In the pursuit of Dao everyday something is unlearned.”
How can “letting go” become a call to open ourselves rather than incitement of fear?

Another quote that I am bringing with me from entire day “It is hard to learn when you already know”



Got this sent to me. Would it make sense to link to from the blog?

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And. Again. Epic summary. So CRYSTAL clear. Thank you for sharing! <3 Always.

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This epic initiative is open to partner up with us. They hold their conference Aug 9-11, so just before us. Let’s explore!


Inspired talk of what we can achieve as a part of the earth <3


An incredibly heart warming talk about all the languages we speak as human beeings <3

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Interesting and simple framework to think around.

A bonus is that I think we already align with them to a large degree.