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Grants & Grant Jury for WoW August 2020

The deadline for grant applications is now set to August 1st and you can apply for grants here:

Also, who wants to be on the jury, deciding how grants are distributed? You can not be on the jury if you’ve applied for a grant, but other than that everyone is welcome. Post here and you’ll be part of the jury!

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Grant applications are closed for the Aug 11-16 2020 gathering! The jury came together this week and two grants (out of two applicants!) were approved, however at lower budgets than applied for.

One content creation grant (applied by @Adam) and one Secret Spa Camp grant (applied by Konrad).

The remaining budget after the event will (as always) be openly discussed on this forum and in our open space calls as to decide how that money should be used.

Can’t wait to see you on the island and online next week! <3