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Holding the potential for the election - WoW Microdose Ceremony

There is something emerging!

Tuesday 3rd on the day of the US election there will be an online WoW gathering. We will hold space, hold the potential of the election. Whatever the outcome. Wonderful Pamela, JennyB, Dragonfly you already know will each host. I might hold space. Very special guest is Tom Morely with his Rockstar activation.

It will be a co-created ceremony/lounge. A space for those who wish to click out, dial in, see clearly, find the others.

Timing: 8 (am) PST / 11 (am) EST / 16 CET -> 8-12 hours (still emerging)
Event will be hosted via zoom.
More info will be released soon!

Everything is emerging. Tickets will be up soon, so will a facebook event. If you want to help out we could really use help with moderating for parts of the time slot. Reach out to me if interested (@Amit).

Also this will be the launch of the WoW Micro a format for online exploration and experimentation that we will keep inviting to. Smaller events or sessions, online or offline around the world… This is open for you to create / play / experiment with as well! Let us know how we can help!

Looking forward to reconnecting!


Looks like this is happening. 8 hours of awesomeness. 3rd of Nov from 6 pm - 2 am (4th) CET.

We will play, reflect, land, hold space, dance. Come join! Details and tickets up on FB shortly. <3


And you can now find your tickets here.

And the FB event here.


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Thank you, Amit and everyone concerned for putting this event together! I was too tired by the time I left to do justice to the feedback so here it is now, having slept on it:

I really enjoyed Tom Morley’s session, even if it did turn into more of a disco as we were already in the groove. Loved the music, especially State of Independence, one of my all time faves and I definitely agree with Tom about the lyrics. I would love to explore the possibility of including a session with Tom in a Live Aid 2.0: Feed the Earth (LAFTE) event.
Having got in the groove both Pamela and Amit’s sessions further galvanised the group and I became increasingly aware of a calling to action. For me that was the natural end point of the night, it being midnight and bedtime.
Thank you so much again and I look forward to being involved with future events.


Thank you @JoB. I love having you. Thank you for bringing your wisdom and your energy. Yes! Let’s do more of this!

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Thanks, Amit, will you be at the Open Space?


I intend to be there… (stupid 20 character minimum limit)