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How to learn as an organisation, document progress and maintain the transparency of the process?

As we are getting into creating this it will be important to also create a mechanism for learning. I would really like to start up a discussion here regarding how we do that. Any thoughts are most welcome.

A core tool for achieving the 10 principles at the core of our framework is that we will keep our process open for anyone. Either to audit or contribute if you have the energy / motivation for that. That does not however mean that we have to elicit the consensus of the entire community before we act. It is better to act, to elicit feedback and to adjust rather than to not act at all. Especially in these earlier days of WoW where our primary service to the world is to get this off the ground. But in order to be able to get that feedback we need to stay transparent.

To start this learning process we need to acknowledge the following. The transparency is not to “nail anyone” it is to learn. Our purpose, as I see it, is to experiment, play and find new ways and thoughts. Journal and document them and then test them along the way. We will also work hard to find metrics of what worked and what didn’t work. And in what contexts. Then we’ll deploy these resources to the community. To the aspiring hosts and participants and co-creators so that we can decide to try again, optimise, tweak, adjust or just not remake the same mistakes.

In order to to this I believe that the ask for all autonomous teams are as follows:

  • Continously update in the forum regarding activities and upcoming plans.
  • Document meetings and important interactions. We will for instance record all open spaces and post them to the open google drive in combination with a short write up from open spaces so that people can follow the discussion and those engage and then reach out.
  • Follow up. We do need to get good at follow up. Any input on how we could do this to start building intelligence not on what we are doing right or wrong but to gather input on how we know we are doing things right. (yes it’s stolen from Ray Dalio…)

What do you think? Does it serve us as a starting point? How would you like to evolve these questions we are asking? What tools could we use and how could we use them in a constructive way?


Any thoughts on this @nils @lalagogo2 @King_Daniel?

I love this and it feels true to me! I’d say utilizing our entire evolving digital ecosystem will be key. Thus, posting to this forum and uploading content to

Also, I think an even more crucial aspect will be how we celebrate behavior that brings about learning? No matter if the outcome is successful or not, each initiative should somehow be celebrated as it brings value to the entire process. Thoughts on that?


I am currently working on making the working model / organisational model explicit. We will initially make a few (3-5) slides that document the current approach and give us some common language around how we are actually working and taking tasks.

I have committed to having the first draft ready in a week. Topics will include:

  • Overview: Structure and how to get involved
  • Tools: Types of meetings, open spaces, communication channels

Let me know if you want to get involved in this work with me. I’m planning to elicit feedback from @Nathan and @nils. Reach out if you want to join in.

The deck will of course also be posted here once done.