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Local challenges to highlight at WoW Gotland

After initial conversations with Region Gotland today, this website (in Swedish) outlines the main local challenges for the region from now until 2040.

A few things they highlighted in our call:

The main challenge is a growing population, but most them are too old to contribute to the workforce. So the region needs more people who can also contribute to the local industries etc.

Gotland has also been named an “energy pilot” by the Swedish government, to explore new energy solutions - but they currently lack funding. So that’s another relevant challenge.

The overall focus for them until 2040 is transformation/“the shift” of society from a holistic point of view. So not just climate.

Their most important industries right now is tourism and food/beverage, but they also seek to highlight their academic strength. In these times of Covid-19, their tourism industry is suffering a great deal, which shifts the focus to the short term (thus, not optimal or sustainable for the region).

That’s a staring point, and we’ll add more here as we go. If you’d like to join the WoW Visby team, feel free to reach out to me (we’ll soon post a WoW Visby team post as well, and link it in this thread).

Ping @Amit @feliciaakerlind @ann770402 @Petter @Malin and anyone else working on WoW Visby stuff <3

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After additional conversations with two local entrepreneurs, this can be added:

  1. Mental wellness among the population, especially the youth, including inspiring them to see the potential of Gotland as a hub of innovation and sustainability. So, bringing in the young and allow them to co-create and get support.

  2. Sustainable tourism. How can an island of 60 000 sustain a million tourists every year, without putting to much pressure on the environment and society?

Furthermore, they encourage having an open day at WoW Visby, where locals can come by to get a guided tour and get a taste of what’s happening

They also recommended us to reach out to Gotlands University, which I’ll do this week!


I’ve noted that @lalagogo2 @Amit @Louise would like to take part in the next meeting with Region Gotland. Anyone else? <3

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@nils When is the meeting with Region Gotland?
Sorry, can’t find any other dates than Thursdays at 21:00?

Not set yet! Send me your email and I’ll loop you in when so email them tomorrow to find a time :slight_smile: is my email! Looking forward!

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Just had a great meeting with a person running a “sustainable tourism” project at Gotland University. She will connect us with more local scientists and students! Will keep you posted on the progress <3

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We (myself, @Louise and @lalagogo2) had another call with Region Gotland today. They are positive and will help us get more local connections. Next step is to create explanatory content (maybe just a simple video) and invite locals to an open Zoom meetup where we present the plan, answer questions and collect local challenges using or similar.

Feeling excited!! <3



We have to name the event Wow Gotland. Very important in our communication forward.
Otherwise it can be a we-them mentality for locals here at G-land <3
Who can change on eventbrite (and any other places)


I can change on eventbrite and @davidhjlindberg on the website!

UPDATE: eventbrite page is changed


Just had a good call with the head of marketing at GEAB. They’d be interested to partner given what he heard. Perhaps to demo something new they are working on. They are also involved in the energy transformation on Gotland. I said perhaps wind/wave/sun power or fuel cells or whatever they are exploring. They also have a competence center / center of excellence where they are looking for new initiatives etc.

The following actions came from the meeting.

  • I will shoot him an e-mail to establish contact
  • We will set up a zoom call with them perhaps with @Louise and @nils in the next few weeks to try to understand how they could get into this?!

Anyone else who should / wants to join in this?

Whop whop!


This is GREAT NEWS! Love the idea of this!!! What a great call- you’re a legend Amit! I’d be happy to talk to them, but prefer to have @nils with me as well, if that’s OK with you, and anyone-else ofc!


A thought @nils and @Louise that came from a discussion I had this morning.

We need local languages for the information we are supplying… I think its super imporant to be more inclusive. Concrete suggestions:

  • Should we get a translation going to Swedish of the animated short, perhaps the community can help with it to German / Spanish etc…
  • The short instruction video films should also probably be in Swedish… When we connect with the Locals in our Zoom - probably also swedish to seem less elitist, more connected etc…

Thinking if you could include that in your priest robe content making session nils?

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How about we do localized subtitles on YouTube to facilitate the content production? @epoquei or @davidhjlindberg have you done that before?

That’s a start!

Once we have the graphics we could always do additional voice overs in local languages (if there is language knowledge in the community)…

I was thinking for the “cellphone filming yourself” explanation… perhaps not the worst to try one of those in Swedish too for the Gotland event specifically…

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I’ll try to get one in Swedish as well tomorrow then!!

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I agree! Sounds like a good idea to add subtitles to the main video :slight_smile:
We can do it two different ways I think (but maybe there are more options). We can either upload them via our account, or we can allow the community to contribute. Linking both options below, I like the community option :slight_smile:

Via our account:

Open up for community:


We have a video in Swedish to send to Region Gotland, and anyone else on the island. @epoquei could you perhaps upload it to YouTube (and note that it is in Swedish for Gotland)?

The video can be found here:

Ping @Louise @Amit @lalagogo2 and others involved in the Region Gotland conversation <3

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Good morning!
Can’t access the file :frowning:
Can you try to upload and share again @nils? Thank you!

Local community recommended from GEAB Oskar. Would be awesome if we can connect with this initiative and see how local “eldsjälar” can participate with all our resources… <3