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Members on location for WoW Gotland?!

@Annika.shelly I suggest you pay as you want :slight_smile: Suggested amount 1000-1500 SEK but honestly I’m fine if it’s zero. You would have to check how it works to add yourself to the ferry ride…

@Amit yes! I will have space for some gear. I also have some decoration lights in my attic, maybe we could use them? My ferry times:


  • Travel date 2020-08-11 (Tue)
  • Departure 09:15 – Arrival 12:40


  • Travel date 2020-08-17 (Mon)
  • Departure 13:50 – Arrival 17:15

Awesome! I think yes for decorative lights… what type of decoration lights are we talking about?! @Christophe

@Amit they are visible on this album:

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@Christophe Awesome. I think the lights can be there or not… It will be like you say more for decoration. But some of the carpets and pillows would be great for the seed I think… What do you think @nils and @Louise?


@Amit as long as it’s for non-profit projects, all the equipment on those pics can be used. It’s just that I people need to take care of getting it, as well as bringing it back. I can help out of course.

My car will only have space to transport small things.


Noted @Christophe. @nils or @Louise that are on location and have that part of this will get back if we go along here. Regardless thanks!

Looks VERY useful! Let’s just figure out how to get it here!

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I love the stuff! Bring some of the carpets and any lights that are run with solarlight :slight_smile: Also the first aid kit and the fire extinguisher!

I’m on location already, but perhaps @nils knows someone in Stockholm going by car!

@Christophe Alrighty! I’ve fixed my ferry tix. Are you cool with 600:- for one-way (Tuesday 11th)? Where are you located? (I’m near KTH; Valhalla/Odeng)

@Louise those lights need to be plugged to power. I have many extension cables too.

@Annika.shelly yes that works :+1:
I live near Zinkensdamm: Heleneborgsgatan 6B. Can we meet there?

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@Christophe Happy to meet you there. Just let me know time and we’ll be golden.

So cool you’ve got some much useful stuff…
Especially the carpets and First Aid Kit + Fire extinguisher… Hmm…
Did you manage to catch anyone getting a car here (to Gotland)?


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When arriving to Follingbo Kalkbrott - look for this sign to find the actual entrance! There will be a code lock that we are allowed to open to bring our vehicles into the quarry (which the public is not allowed to do). There will most likely be outsiders coming for a swim during daytime, and we’ll greet them with love <3

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I’ll be joining from Friday! thanks to Konrad! What are we up to?


I’m coming!! :slight_smile: I can only see online tickets, is there a difference where the money goes if I buy one of these?
Will there be any common area to cook? And I understood we can refill water on set?

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YAYYYY!!! <3

offline tickets can be found at (community discount code: WOWCOMMUNITY)

No common cooking area, but I think quite a few will have cooking equipment and we can share <3

No water on-site either, but we’ll schedule communal water runs since we’re only 5 minutes by car from ICA Maxi.

Let me/us know if you have any additional questions!

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EPIC! Check out thew online sessions at (and feel free to add) - on-location we’ll put up an on-location schedule on site :slight_smile:

@Christophe what time is best to meet up? 7.30am? Earlier?

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On our way now to the island :heart: Managed to bring fire extinguisher, fire blanket, extension chord and the extra Tipi tent :tent:


You absolutely rock!

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