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Microdoses of WoW

This is a thread to discuss the idea of “microdosing” World of Wisdom. How can we integrate World of Wisdom into our daily lives on a more continuous basis? Some ideas were discussed in the Open Space on the 17th of September by @Paz and others. Could we have micro-WoWs for an hour, an evening, a day? How do we effectively integrate the principles into shorter gatherings?
If you have an idea for a micro-WoW feel free to post it in this thread. Your post could include but is not limited to:

  • A theme for the Micro-WoW
  • Duration
  • Setting(online/offline/both?)
  • A general description and purpose
  • Any challenges you would like help with

Ping @Amit @nils @MLvik @Axel and any others <3


It’s official, we’re building an always-open version of the online platform for WoW Microdose!

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I’m on the track of running some experiments with stories for the microdosing… Aiming to get it going in the second half of nov. Anyone feeling called? Join in!?

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We have the World of Wisdom Micro online platform up now! This is an always open online gathering where community members are free to host micro gatherings (sessions, workshops, ceremonies or similar).

Head over to and click World of Wisdom Micro to have a look. Temporary password: BreatheDeep

Weekly open space calls will soon get added there, as a start <3

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