World of Wisdom

Microdoses of WoW

This is a thread to discuss the idea of “microdosing” World of Wisdom. How can we integrate World of Wisdom into our daily lives on a more continuous basis? Some ideas were discussed in the Open Space on the 17th of September by @Paz and others. Could we have micro-WoWs for an hour, an evening, a day? How do we effectively integrate the principles into shorter gatherings?
If you have an idea for a micro-WoW feel free to post it in this thread. Your post could include but is not limited to:

  • A theme for the Micro-WoW
  • Duration
  • Setting(online/offline/both?)
  • A general description and purpose
  • Any challenges you would like help with

Ping @Amit @nils @MLvik @Axel and any others <3


It’s official, we’re building an always-open version of the online platform for WoW Microdose!