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Open conversation: turn engagement into movemet

This is an open space for all ideas on how to connect initiatives and turn personal engagement into community and movement for a sustainable future

Not sure if this is the right place to post, have scrolled around a bit. But I’m wondering if we have a hashtag that we are using?

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Not yet but let’s ask the communications team @epoquei @Malin @davidhjlindberg - maybe there’s some ideas? <3


Nothing decided I think, but please feel free to share @Malin and @davidhjlindberg if I’m not aware :slight_smile:

A few months ago we discussed #worldofwis since it’s not used, but it’s still open!

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Hi everyone!

There are many avenues for change aligned with our effort to promote wisdom and personal and spiritual growth in the world today. I myself am a part of the political metamodernist community, of a post-ideological political party, of the Game B community, of the free school community, of the Bildung Network, of the purpose-driven business community, the Teal organization movement, of the Sociocracy community, of the eco-village community and of the permaculture community.

I see all of these movements, and more (environmental and climate movements, cooperatives, gift economy, syntheist theology, Deliberate Developmental Organizations, deliberative democracy, constructive journalism aso) more or less build on the same meta-narrative and/or meta-analysis. And it seems obvious that we should coordinate our efforts with these other movements. And with several of them we already do that. But all seem to try and build their own movement and be the leaders that we long for - instead of giving followership to the collective movement for the meta-narrative that we share. In Charles Eistensteins words: “The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”

I would like to know where and how you believe it makes sense to collaborate with these, and other, movements and their specific organizations?

Some ideas are:

  • Aligning the meta-narrative and learning from each other’s insights
  • Coordinating strategic efforts across organizations
  • Giving followership to each other’s organizations rather than creating our own
  • Giving followership to each other’s concepts and terms rather than creating our own
  • Co-creating informational material for non-academics
  • Designing on-boarding paths for new members
  • Utilizing administrative resources across organizations
  • Designing exponential growth paths for the movements as a cluster

I am asking the same question in these organizations (for now):

  • Metamoderna
  • Game B
  • European Bildung Network (also just started an american division)
  • The Consilience Project
  • Sociocracy For All
  • The Alternative (Denmark)
  • The Initiative (Sweden)

Please add to the list of organizations that you find to be meaningful to collaborate with.

Looking very much forward to hearing your thoughts!

All the best
/ Kåre Wangel