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Open spaces Thursdays 9 pm (CET): Summaries and recording

In this thread we will put up summaries after the open spaces. And post the commitments made.

Open spaces are held every Thursday at 9 pm CET. Join in at

The suggested structure is:
We try to keep the open spaces to 60-90 minutes.
Check-in focused on challenges and what holds our energy right now in the WoW community. The ambition is to group discussions and either we focus the open space on one topic or several. If so we will split up into different online channels for different topics.
Discussions on topics. The aim is to start work and connect participants and channel energy towards those topics that might be stuck or need an injection. The desired outcome is a list of actions including a responsible person/group and an intended timeline. Brief summary of the discussions and commitments.

Commitments and Check-out. This can either be done in each discussion topic and/or joined back in the main channel.

Other things worth noting:

  • We do record the open spaces in order to promote the transparency of the community.
  • We aim to do short summaries / write ups of meetings and actions taken so that those inclined can join in and co-create.

Link to the recordings (Audio and chat)

Summary of Open space (Zoom) 19th March
Participants: Nils, Karin, Daniel, Maria-Paz, Laura, Hampus, Melker, David, Amit.

Short summary of the open space. The topic was World of Wisdom Visby that will be held 11-16th of August.
The current actions are divided into 6 buckets:
Content: Lead by the Communications team. We are looking for creators of content. Video, Written, Podcasts, Animations. Check in on the communications channel.

Region Gotland: Nils has recently had a meeting with Region Gotland in order to try to find ways to contribute to the local area and honor the Leave a better trace principle. It is important to find a model for engaging respectfully with the local community with the ambition to have any “better trace” remain improved once WoW leaves. How can we conduct this dialogue? Involved are Nils, Laura, Carolina, Maria-Paz

Tickets: We will release a first ticket batch in the next couple of weeks through eventbrite. Tickets will be curated at this time. For more info reach out to Nils or Amit.
We discussed the possibility of other types of tickets. Both tickets for people who do not want to / can stay in the quarry but prefer to stay in Visby. An opinion was that the participants of the event should buy tickets for the entire event in order to facilitate the full experience. A possibility to have “visitor” tickets for one visitor day was also floated. We will investigate this further. This might be a good opportunity to engage with the local community?! Lead is Nils.

Structure: We will shortly get a Trello board up on Structure. Felicia, Anna, Amit and Nils are currently involved in this. The bucket involves the overall planning of the event, safety, security, toilets, water, electricity, insurance, etc.

Partners: We aim to partner with organisations. The organisations can either participate “for free” (we do however want to know what organisations are aiming to participate) or contributing with funding. Partners follow the principles and arrive with challenges and bring gifts just like any individuals. No selling will occur. We offer partners that want to contribute with funding to hold their hand in the planning of their participation, to create content for them, seeding the content into the community as inspiration for how other partners can engage.
The aim for Visby is to select few, progressive companies. Leads on this is Nils and Amit.

Budget: We need to create a budget for the event. As the Structure bucket takes shape we will have to get specific. Anna and Amit are currently focusing on this.

Recording is up here.

Thank you for a wonderful open space. See you next week!

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Yes! And ping @Paz @lalagogo2 @King_Daniel @Melker @davidhjlindberg <3

Summary of open space 26th of March
We had a lovely open space with 5 participants. @nils @Melker @Amit @King_Daniel @Louise (Is it the right Louise?)

Louise is a new member and a local connection in Gotland. Also for those not there with the most epic check in. I came into it in the middle of it and the energy in the open space was incredibly high!

Focus was on WoW Visby. Here is a very short summary.

The updates are in the Trelloboard. It is through this we will coordinate the work. Anyone can view. Reach out to any one of us for an invite to co-create.

We have a Budget thread where are starting to piece together the Budget for the event.

Tickets will be released to the community next week (April 2nd) in a curated release. We have checked that refunds is possible through Eventbrite.

Insurance: I am also working on Insurance trying to figure it out with 3 offers secured. I will read terms and then we will pick one. Anyone who wants to read in parallel reach out and I’ll get you the details. Deadline is 31st of March.

Local connections. Nils is leading the work. We have connected with Region Gotland, some local entrepreneurs and will be reaching out to Visby University. Please reach out if you want to join. More info in here.

Camps that are known: @Nils: Holistic coaching camp. @Melker: Orienteering camp. @Amit: Sustainable transformation camp.

The priority and timeline for now: “First wave” Before easter / April:

  • Tickets
  • Budget
  • Local connection
  • Infrastructure

“Second wave” April / May

  • Partners
  • Communications
  • Online Layer

A really valuable remark with regard to the local connection. It is incredibly important to find the right tonality because Gotland has a basic scepticism to outsiders coming to “fix” things… (It seems to be an island thing, my wife is from Iceland… they are similar).

Recording coming soon.

Thank you! See you next week!

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Summary of open space (Zoom) 2nd April 2020
Participants @lalagogo2 @Melker @nils Michael
No specific focus was set for the meeting. We updated the current events and then ended up in a super interesting idea that we will continue to explore here. (I’ll sum it up below too)


  • WoW participated in the wonderful Emerge Gathering on 26/27th of March held via zoom. Lots of inspirations and new contact. Very well produced and potentially something we could look at to do also for WoW in the not too distant future. The WoW workshop got a lot of participants. 30+ out of 130 something participants took part in the discussion.
  • Organisation. These discussions are intensifying. We are exploring the concepts of what World of Wisdom could be and how we could organise. This has been ongoing for a while and we are continuously doing. If you want to join in the discussion reach out to me or @nils.
  • WoW Visby:
    There is an intended deadline for infrastructure and trying to flesh out the MVP of the event in next week. One initial, important step is insurance. I have had lead on that we will be ready to set it up in the next couple of days.
    Tickets are going to be released in the coming days also (when we have the insurance). They will be released curated to the forum participants and Slack channel. I.e. the community. Those of us that will participate can also invite people in their networks. This will be a limited first release. And it is uncertain how COVID will influence the willingness to look at tickets.
    We will offer full refunds if we cannot host Visby. We will also offer 50% refund for those who chose to participate online or if we move the entire gathering online. Regardless we are looking into creating an online simultaneous layer of participation during any gatherings.
    Partner discussions are slow due to COVID and the uncertainty. We are however still experiencing an enormous of influx of new contacts and aligned initiatives that we are continuously working on.
  • A clear need that emerged is the “2 minute short” on what WoW actually is. We are therefore looking for an animator that could help us create it.

A short summary and reflections from what was a super inspring discussion:
There were several threads and inspirational discussions during our Open space today.

One major outcome was to see if we can explore the notion that gatherings are the process. How we can embody the principles of playful, co-creation and gifting to counter challenges. Especially now with the financial impact that shutting down physical contact has for those that work in the field and have workshops etc. @lalagogo2 wrote a really nice summary of the main points that we brought up. This is a discussion we will continue.

We also discussed the importance of helping in a way that is actually helping. I.e. not imposing ones own beliefs and biases onto those one wish to help. In the Gotland context that means - how do we approach the local community to actually deliver on our “leave a better trace” principle. This however goes for the entire initiative: How can one make WoW truly global without it becoming “another problem” that we create. WoW have to be an open source process that can be adapted to communities, contexts and geographies. How can we keep it local i.e. well adapted for whatever context it emerges in? Wow will not have one manifestation but rather the core is the building blocks, the exploration and the ceremonies/rituals.

Check out the link ot the audio recording (in swedish this time, sorry) and the chat for more links on great inspiration and input.

Tasks that were taken on during the Open space:

  • Sign up insurance.
  • Launch curate first release of tickets.
  • Explore possibilities of digital WoW gatherings.
  • How can we make our discovery explicit and emergent? How can we embody the process more clearly? Can we allow for even more emergence and reach through digital tools? We will workshop this going on in the separate gatherings as process thread. Get involved if it moves you!

Again. Thank you for your time. And energy.

(Recording in the drive link posted above in the Dataroom, right @nils ?)


Summary of open space 9th April 2020
Participants: @nils @Louise @Amit @King_Daniel Bart and Jantine

Checked in with where your energy lies and what is important for you.

The meeting was split into two break out sessions. “Introduction to WoW - the basic concept” and the “Get shit done”-room (focused on Visby).

“Get shit done” Maker session
Participants @amit @Louise @King_Daniel
Starting point in the Trello board..
Going through key needs for WoW Visby to happen. And made the following commitments.
Security: Main function is to make sure we are all physically safe. Primarily that means making sure only those that are supposed to be at the event are there. We are relatively close to Visby and if we do not fence the area off it will be important to keep oversight (depending on the size of the gathering).

  • @King_Daniel will check w Borderland ppl on how they organise security.
  • @Louise will check w local contacts on how they would view this.
  • For future notice we also need to establish a contact with the local Police department prior to the event (but not now).

Medical / Sanctuary / Doctors:
Also with reference to Borderland, these events can get intense and therefore some form of sanctuary or space to wind down is a concept we should explore.

  • @Louise know a couple of doctors that she will loop in to see if they could consider gifting their profession to the event.

We need it and a lot of it.

  • @Amit will check with GEAB (the local power company) to see how that could be provided in a sustainable fashion.

Other questions:
Water. We probably need water. Do we have it?
Internet: How do we solve internet connection that we can rely on for streaming content / support the online layer.

End of break out session.

We discussed the online layer. There were several topics that came up:

  • Wow would like to make a pure online event soon. Perhaps in mid June?!
  • Wow wold like to explore how to make hybrid gatherings. I.e. can we connect gatherings and make WoW Visby into a truly global event? What can we leverage? How do we structure it? What are best practices around online parties, workshops, co-creation etc.
  • We have a contact with Zoom through @nils. As we gain traction we can explore what we can jointly develop with them.
  • We are at the moment however agnostic to which platform we are using. Zoom or are high probability candidates. Are there more?
  • We will set up a separate meeting (weekly?) to address the online activities.

@Nils will also launch the first batch of tickets tomorrow now that we are insured. It will be a curated release through the forum and personal messaging. Anyone involved in the community will be able to buy a ticket.

Two separate context will be explored further in separate forms:

Thank you. Good night. The recordings are in the Google Drive… right @nils?

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Indeed, here is the recording from April 9th:

Here’s the recording from April 16:

Open Space 16th April
Participants: @Amit, @nils, @Melker @King_Daniel

Here is a short writeup from yesterdays open space. (Sorry for the brevity, was a bit out of it after a long day.)

We decided to focus on the Gotland event. We also had a discussion on the online event structure and how to address that topic.


  • Tickets are live in the curated release. There are 21 sold. Many are hesitant to commit to participating in these times.
  • The general feeling is that we will have to make some sort of hybrid event. Therefore it is important to explore ideas for the online layer/taking the events online soon. (See separate forum thread).
  • Partners are in the same situation. Absolute company are interested but budget is uncertain. As goes for other partners we have had discussions with. It is also important for them to know what the event is going to turn into.
  • A reoccuring question: When do we have to put our foot down on how we continue with the event in the physical and/or digital form?
  • Amit is checking with GEAB on electricity and internet. The work is being reported in the WoW Visby Trello board. Reach out for an invite.
  • The overall focus right now is to set the basic infrastructure.
  • There is knee for interested “natives” of Gotland. We have contact with the region and there will be a follow up meeting with them on the 22nd of April.
  • There has been work ongoing and significant progress in the thread on Gatherings as ritual/ceremony. Those that wish to join may. We are now brainstorming ideas and will shortly go into decision mode in that respect.
  • There is a need for content creation and the priority is on a animated short that explains the WoW concept. We will also start with weekly WoW Visby Participant calls from sometime in May to onboard and do the work to co-create this event.

The second topic was the Online layer:

  • This will be adressed in a separate thread. Check the forum. We aim to hold a meeting in the next 2 weeks where all participants that wish to partake has submitted their own thoughts prior to the discussion. The idea is to capture diversity and creativity of the community so we don’t get stuck or bogged down in one persons idea or vision. Instead we source widely and then group or cluster ideas and try to go from there.
  • There will also be increasing need of how to measure. Outcomes? Impact? Change? Reach? … What is important to be able to reach those that are not already interested and exploring in this field? We think data is something. The example that was posed was that those sceptical against burning man are often swayed by the fact that in 2015 85% of participants said that the event was “life changing”.
  • We also want to make local impact - perhaps online linking of different events and gatherings in different geographical locations would allow us to do that. But running simultaneous events will take a lot of planning and clever design… hence the upcoming meeting on the online layer.

Ok. Sloppy but that’s something. The recording is available in Swedish (sorry). Reach out if there is something that is hard to understand that you would like me to elaborate on.



Open space April 30th 2020
Participants: @Axel, @Louise, @nils, Thomas, @Amit

Checked in with challenges and gifts.

Questions worth highlighting:

  • How do we keep an online connection without confusing everyone if we make an online only event in WoW Gotland?
  • What do we call the camps if we don’t call them camps? We’re brainstorming this here in the forum.
  • Are we committed to June 18 as the final date for deciding if we do WoW Gotland physically? (Yes we are)

Wow Gotland

  • WoW Visby is out since it is divisive. It is now WoW Gotland.
  • Due to some feedback on the land / location where neighbours have been disturbed before. Louise have two different locations. One owned by a company, the other by an eco-farmer. (The eco farmer location sounds awesome.)
  • Region Gotland: Positive meeting. But urgently need some content to communicate what this is going to be. They will come back with a list of ppl that we should connect with. We need the nugget to get people interested.
  • GEAB contact: They are interested to partner. We will sum up with them then aim for a zoom call in the next couple of weeks.
  • The local connection is important. That will enable us to actually make change in the “real world” and not just get stuck on the concept plain.
  • If WoW Gotland cannot happen in the larger form - then we’d do the Seed only on location and limit it to 50 ppl. (or whatever the local restrictions apply then).

The main roadblock is specificity. What are we doing here? We need content. Urgently.

WoW Online Gatherings
How do we keep people interested and fun? How do we involve those that are not “thinking”?

  • The “I-WE, BE-DO” map is one of the tools that would ensure.
  • Cadence, a difference between other types of interactions. Group, break out rooms, phone, bringing people out of their own space in front of the computer.
  • Are we shifting the Nucleus camp to “the Seed” / Seed camp? [Yes]
  • Should we try to design a community session that place itself in one of each quadrant in the map. We will try to get a local focal point in each part use it in the “WE-DO” - this is where we’d create something together and have the possibility to “leave a better trace”. Perhaps this is in the “fractal” exercise.
  • For the online layer would be the 2 days. It should be entertaining and energising. Something that is connected to your region as well!

Earth initiation where WoW could potentially be part to test the Seed camp concept. It is an initiative of elders that are preparing the soil for being fertilised with new initiatives. Organisers of the overall is Conscious gems. It would be a day to demonstrate / test / explore “the Seed” on the 22nd of June. Dates June 21-22. (Summer solstice)

@Nils: Online layer. Wire frames. Trying to get this built. Open Institute. Our website heroes (would require some budget). Oliver is getting into the animated video. Nils will create some content that is introductory. Also meet up with GEAB.
@Louise: Need content. Committing to: meet up with GEAB. Stay in contact with Region Gotland. Also connection with a stage guy at Gotland.
@Amit: GEAB meeting. Supporting @Nils in the different processes. Keep going in process of documenting the Organisation. Amit will also stay involved in the Online layer work.
@Axel: Get into the Organisation thread with Amit. And the Online layer work.
Thomas: Will get into the forum and read up.

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Here’s the main recording from April 30th:

Love that discussions are turning into so many actions right now. Feeling the momentum <3

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Tonight’s open space recording (May 9 2020):

Open space 14th of May 2020

Participants: Nils, Louise, Amit, Melker, Axel, Thomas

Several big topics today and a couple of decisions.

  1. Building the online community
    See this thread for the ongoing discussion on how we structure our new focus of physical/online hybrid gatherings. In order to do this we need a scheduling / map of the gathering so that participants can easily navigate it.
    The open space unanimously decided to use EDIP for this work and to allocate a budget of 60 kSEK ex VAT for the work.
    We will split the work into part work packages with part deliveries but finish date is aimed at 11th of July i.e. 1 month prior to WoW Gotland.

  2. Due to this shift in focus we also have to decide what to do with the existing ticket holders. These heroes that dared everything and bought tickets early. The open space decided that we will offer a choice:

  • Full refund
  • Convert tickets to the physical gathering to the online gathering. We’ll round up to the nearest full ticket to offer equivalent value.
  1. When do we release tickets for WoW Gotland? We are waiting for some content production. Videos in Swedish and English on the overall concept has been recorded and are being finished up.
    We are hoping for another stab at a “Participants instruction” and “Host a camp instruction”. Nils will check with Fabian for this. Target is 21st of May.

  2. WoW Gotland ZOOM call with the local communities. We will now aim for this on the 4th of June. This will also mark the start of the BIG ticket push.

  3. We will workshop the seed/host/nucleus camp to try to get some bones and some meat on those bones too to allow us to easier explain / sell the event to those that are not comfortable with this context.
    The current idea that was floated and will be workshopped. The event is from the 11-16th of August. Host camp will be produced locally at Gotland. We will host the opening ceremony in the evening of the 13th and the Gathering is on from then We will consider the 11th until then “Builder days” to allow for participants to partake, feel into the vibe, get inspired, create their camps.
    As soon as tickets are release (say from june) we will also host bi-weekly onboarding calls exclusively for ticket holders.
    Now that the physical gathering will be smaller we are also more flexible. Louise will check on the different locations that we are considering and we will aim to make a firm commitment in the coming weeks.
    Ask: Anyone that we know that is great with online live content production? We are aiming for a “high quality” host camp production / facilitation of the event. This will happen on Gotland 11-16th of Aug.

  1. The 21/22nd of June WoW is invited to participate in a global planting ceremony hosted by Conscious Gems. This ceremony will consist of Indigenous elders across the world preparing the soil. A seed planting ceremony. Different seeds asking for nourishment and being introduced to the community (WoW aims to be one of those seeds. The ambition is to try out a host camp concept and perhaps make live experiments with some of the ceremony ideas we have been exploring) Find more info on that here.

  2. Finally big ask from the community. PLEASE start recording cell phone videos of yourself so we can make mashups.
    Video 1: What is WoW to you? Why are you involved?
    Video 2: If you are planning to host a camp. Do a short 30 second or 1 min explanation of what you intend your Camp to be about. (This will be included in the discussions with the region and potential partners)
    Video 3: Go through one or several of the 10 guiding principles. What do they mean to you?

I’ll get a link up to the data room soon where you can drop your videos off. Cellphone and just talking is fine!

We checked out with what we are thankful for. Thanks for tonight!


Please upload the videos @Amit mentioned to this folder.

Here’s tonight’s recording (May 14 2020):

Tonight’s recording!

And here is a summary from openspaxce 28th May 2020
We checked in with Challenges and Gifts.

We had a couple of updates. Exciting ones. The most important one is that tickets are now live for the online event as envisioned! Very cool.

We are also talking to the Region and have got contacts from them. We will now contact them week of the 1st of June to invite them to a local zoom call that we will host between 13-14 CET on the 17th of June on the

We have set the onboarding calls for ticket holders to 4 occasions: 23 June. 7th and 21st of July and 4th of August.

  • @nils will include this in the ticket information
  • Open invitation to create these ceremonies / design the onboarding calls to set a tone of the sacred / ceremony we intend to permeate the event. A suggestion is to circle through the principles. @nils and @Louise expressed interest for creating this. We will draw on what we did in this thread. Others?
    An overview structure would be: Intro / Initiation / Ceremony. Breakouts for camps to do work. FAQ on “how to” (Camps and WoW General are probable topics.

We also have a partner in the connectivity conference that will be held the days after WoW concludes.

We also had couple of more general points raised:

  • There will be a huge need for facilitation on this event. We will have to write an instruction for Camp leads and recommendations for Camps to handle facilitation. WoW will also offer anyone that cannot afford participation to join the facilitation team / tech support camp. So that we can host the ceremony. We will have to create a document and video intstruction for the “education” of the tech team.
  • We are setting up a “standard” invitation mail for locals in Gotland. Leads: @Amit and @Louise
  • Anyone can now buy tickets. Just go get them! Some initial feedback implicate that we have to make the online/offline hybrid clearer in our Eventbrite text. Let’s keep iterating.

We checked out with just awesome vibes and some jokes. Thank you.

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Summary from open space 4th June

We checked in with Challenges and Gifts

The discussion was not so structured but we did an update / discussion on several topics:

  • You can now get tickets! They are released. Invite ppl! Eventbrite link.
  • We are building a platform. It is still on plan. Intended release mid July.

A couple of points that came up in the context of the platform:

  • Do we have a calendar invite function? I.e. can I mark or save sessions and camps in some way.
  • What about chat / connection during the event? Discord has a lot of functionality. Perhaps we can utilise this functionality since we are already using it for our Forum.
  • What about add sound to the map and some of the views. Perhaps nature sounds that will ground you and / or sooth.
  • Gratitude login: Instead of a log in one could write what you are grateful for. It would then be possible to look at what others have written before you sign into the event or the session. Can this be done through a menti?!
  • Some fantastic frameworks from our new friend Pascal:
    Steven Posh "Wholly available theory it has to do with self and co-regulation
    Brene Brown- Vulnerability
    Parasitic Processing - verWeke Ep 13 of Awakening from the meta crisis.
    Broaden and build - positive psychology
    Rob Hopkins - imagination. What if. Visioning
    Ikigai lab - finding your ikigai
  • We also had a thought of opening up the intro calls (and perhaps the platform) for anyone to explore until a certain date prior to the event.

Final updates were that we will hold a open call for “locals” on the 17th of June between 13-14 on Zoom (in swedish) to invite and take questions from those in Gotland. Hopefully also find a focal point for the full event “leave a better trace” principle.

We checked out with a communal poem. A beautiful one. That I didn’t note down. (You will have to look at the recording).

Thanks for tonight everyone. Welcome Pascal and Jonathan!

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And here’s the recording from June 4th <3