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Open spaces Thursdays 9 pm (CET): Summaries and recording

Brene Brown- Vulnerability (Researcher on creativity and innovation) <3 She’s my hero.


Open Space 11th June 2020. (Short version)
We checked in with challenges and gifts.

Some updates/ General topics:

  • We have sold ca 30 tickets to Gotland Locally out of the 50 spots we have. This means we are selling out! Verry cool. If we do we might consider additional locations on gotland.
  • The online platform is getting good feedback. We have a lot of potential upgrades but it is now locked in we need it done and we are collecting additional ideas for later stages.
  • There are 3 organisations that will create local gatherings/camps. Conscious gems in France, A friend of Nils in LA and also SciX and Thank you plant medicine.
    -There are music camps happening. Fabian Tanz will lead on this. Casette is already confirmed!
  • We need to start designing the initiation calls that will start on the 23rd of June to get people to start working on this.

Discussion points / decision points:

  • Facilitation:
    Host camp (well produced). How do we deal with the tech? @Amit and @Louise are on this.
    Tech / support camp will be needed in some form.
    A welcoming camp / green room / hangout area where we can connect with no particular purpose.
    We also need to create a tech manual. Both for zoom to support hosts and for the platform itself.
    We need “heads” for facilitation. Nudge ppl in this direction. It will REALLY help us out! Also those that need free tickets will be asked to contribute here.

  • Grants
    We will do grants. We will have a self appointed jury. If you are applying for grants you won’t be able to be part of the jury. The Jury decide and inform the community. Open or anyone.

Another point that was discussed was: what if one would allow for an “investment in WoW” base on the funding one does not need. This could be true for grants or otherwise.

w love!

And here’s the recording <3

And here’s the recording from tonight’s open space call (June 18 2020) - this time in Swedish (:neutral_face: sorry).

Open Space 25th June
The open space was focused around an emerging gathering in Brazil that will hopefully be able to join the World of Wisdom event 11-16th of August. If you are in Brazil reach out to me and I will loop you into the Whats app conversation where we are planning it!

We welcome Claudia to the community!

The discussion was amazing. Watch the recording to take part. I cannot do it justice to the discussion in a summary.


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Here’s the recording <3

A short and somewhat incomplete summary of the Open space on the 2nd of July 2020

We discussed Ceremony:
One to honor the land. Black and gold standard (flag). The black would be or humus (best dirt quality) / grief and the Gold would be for Elation of the mind. We toyed with the thought of adding some silver in there for water. So we bring that in too.
The ceremonies being planned are to connect with oneself, with other and with the land (where the above mentioned could fit in well).

We were also discussing possibilities to Protect and preserve the land. How can one to that? Do we know of well designed and really nicely designed initiatives that we could support?
@Louise will check in with some locals to see it here are possibilities to do something even on Gotland.

The structure of the event in Aug 2020
It is now looking like we will have ceremony 1-2 times per day as a thread or coherence. 11-12th of Aug will be focused on the self / local / group. From the 13th we will fully open up and focus on the digital platform. This is when we will fully facilitates camps and bring in the “internet” into it.

We also discussed 2 additional camps:

  • The Connection / Welcome camp. Where we can facilitate and let people hang out and meet to add some serendipity.
  • Support camp (aka the worst support camp ever - look at the recording)
    We will work with these as we go forward now.

The pre event gathering on the 7th of July will focus on camp creation and also the camps that are confirmed.

Frictions that we have:

  • @Amit Infrastructure for the event. + Alternative to Paypal for ticket purchasing.
  • @Louise EVERYTHING this week…
  • @Nils and @JoB Were just in flow at the moment.

A very nice observation that I wanted to presence: We are at a time where science and wisdom are agreeing on many many points. It is nice to keep that in mind and utilise these different disciplines to give more perspectives to these “truths” in our communication and set up of the event.


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Thank you for writing up the notes, Amit.

Just to clarify a couple of points:
Black Gold refers specifically to Humus

The significance of black and gold as colours is taken from heraldry

I came across this organisation today. It gets my vote for a well designed initiative to support the paradigm shift towards earth care and water care
GiveLove works in conjunction with WaterAid



Summary of Open Space 30th of July
Tonight was very practical and looking into concrete asks and things for the on location event/seedcamp.

Tech update / On Location:

  • We will be at Follingbo Kalbrott. 10 min from Visby (Ferry) and 5 min from ICA Maxi by car.
  • Sound is more or less fixed.
  • Toilets: There will be 4 of them with 1 septic tank.
  • Electricity: We have a generator with 20 kW and 16 h of operating time per tank (unfortunately diesel but we’ll do better next time). We do need to figure out how to prioritise this and we have to ask participants to think as energy-self-reliant as they can possibly be.
    We will also have to set up a schedule for when and how we run the generator. There will be some power but participants should attempt to be as self reliant as possible. (Especially since we did not find any more elegant solution than a diesel generator)
    Most likely we will need ca 250 l of diesel. Each tank takes 80 l. We will then have between 8-10 hours of electricity per day. Who has 25l gas tanks? Bring them!
  • Lights: Are still to be rented. But bring any lights you have as well as headlamps and solar powered lights etc.
  • Screen: Remains to be fixed.
  • People operating the equipment: @Melker has said he can take the on site tech responsibility overall (with my support). We still need 3 ppl that can consider manning the equipment during live transmissions (I am still hunting for this too but no success)… 1 on a camera, 1 on the picture mixer and 1 on the sound / lights / computer.
  • Zoom facilitation will be done remotely by me and @Axel.

Platform update:

  • It is filling in! Very exciting. 10 camps right now and a bunch of super awesome mega exciting content!
  • Bugs have been fixed and we are now looking at details.
  • There is a chat on the platform too that correspond through our telegram group that can also be used now. [Join it here.](http://

The ask is:
For more info jon the call the 4th of Aug ( password: wow).
Spread the word on facebook and wherever you see fit. There is content in this thread.



And here’s tonight’s recording!

Thank you wonderful people for tonight.

We discussed the following topics:

  1. What did we like about the session?
  2. Improvement potential?
  3. Where do we go next?

Since we said we wouldn’t focus on solutions during tonight it’d be wonderful for them to be documented in a forum thread… perhaps here

A very rough summary of feedback:

  • How do deal with being thrown between sessions with different characteristics? Theme days? Session categorisation (according to the map)? Labelling of the sessions along the lines of participation/download/listening/sharing etc…
  • More play! More interaction!
  • Hard to get contact with people offline. I.e. what is the interface? How do we connect with them?
  • There was some resistance when being on-site to sit down behind your screen although the schedule was great the focus became more on people and participation on site.
  • How can we get discussions going after the sessions? Many sessions ended kind of abruptly. It would be awesome to be able to integrate and to discuss and reflect with participants of any particular session.
  • Who is supposed to go to the gathering? How do we make sure we are inclusive?! The burner community is great but perhaps that is also a barrier for “others” to come in. How do we invite “the others” and how do we make them feel welcome? How can we create that bridge? The event would be even better with different people, experiences, groups etc… Perhaps inclusion should be part of the 10 principles?

And here is the recording.



Tonight’s recording Aug 27th:

Tonight’s recording Sep 17 2020:

Here is a written summary of the open space: 17th September 2020.

  1. Gathering follow up:
  • There is energy and a topic around how to bring in awareness of what we are doing to animals. Mara-Paz is leading this topic at the moment. Currently looking for co-creators / more partnering organisations.
  • Energy / debattartikel for it into DN. Create some structure -> invite them into the WoW movement. Potential gathering? Separate call. Martin to post on the forum.
  • The topic of integration. How can we create a continuous flow - a process that we can keep participate in. Theme evenings - microdosing (Mining, Energy, Animals, Anthiogens / psychotechnologies, ???) Camp for it on the platform -> direct ppl there. WoW. More open calls - where we can explore and look into out commitments. Explore the principles.
  1. Short update:
    Gatherings that might be emerging: SouthAfrica (creativity and mining), Barcelona, Dublin, Stories (Amit & Bob), Music (Nils), Winter gathering, Gotland (2021, team formation?!).
    Grants: Vinnova phase 2. Kulturbryggan. Lidl Hållbarhetsakuten.
    Costs concluded for the WoW Aug 2020. How to use the remaining funds?
    The idea is to:
  • Keep some.
  • Development to the online platform.
  • Pay some ppl contributed and want to/get paid. Ppl feel free to nominate those that they feel deserve something (including oneself). The group of nominees will decide how the resources are divided in a call.

Collaborations: Ekskäret and Norrsken are ongoing discussions.

  1. Organisation

We are looking at organisation. Our idea is to try to find a construction where we can allow for participants to both get paid for their work but also have an appropriate ownership and control for their contribution. That will allow for fluency of the organisation. It is also important to be able to raise funding.

There are three main ideas: Foundation at the top then companies below. Fair shares commons. “Nils’s vision”.

Other things:
How can we document and allow for others to learn? In other than writing. Perhaps: Recorded “learnings” interview -> how do we learn? Can we document it in a different way?! Online course?

Folkbildning - Svenska institutet. Funding possibility?!

Thank you for tonight!

The short and sweet summary from open space call 24th Sept 2020

The agenda was Update, Organisation, What should we be doing?

For update please see the recording.

Organisation - this is in full swing. We are approaching it with a version of the Fair Shares Commons that we feel is a generative way of building the business that will be sustainable in the long term. It is a little complex to get the legal parts in order so that we can then have a legal structure that is aligned wit the vision of the project. And that allows for all contributors of energy and resources to also reap the fruits from this ecosystem we are investing in.

What we should be doing next?

  • Microdosing events: Get a short overview of what a WoW Microdose could look like. The principles, the instruction. We will also work to get a simple calendar up and distribute it to the community to further lower the threshold for those that have an idea or topic they would like to run by the community.
  • Wow event. We will explore a gathering for mapping the ecosystem we are part of. There is a global mycelia that is popping up with change agents and similar initiatives - how do all these fit together? How can we support each other and how can we each understand our respective niches? We will explore a gathering on that topic over a weekend in the near future.
  • Wow budget going forward / from the Aug 2020 gathering. The finances are almost final and there will be a forum post in the near future on a suggestion for how we should distribute our resources between those ppl that contributed to Aug 2020 gathering and for building the organisation in the next steps.


Here’s the recording! <3

Open space 8th October 2020

  • For updates see the recording.
    Wow stories is taking shape. It will be online and offline connecting camp fires around the world. It might also be a microdosing event to experiment with the format. @Amit is lead on this.
    WoW Innerworks is emerging as a retreat in Jan. Only offline.
    Wow Ceremonies: There is work ongoing with ceremonies as microdosing events during the fall. Most likely around the US election as a first point.
    Organisation is ongoing. It will be a version for Fair Shares Commons. If you want to join reach out to @nils or @Amit

  • Budgeting and money from WoW Aug 2020
    As mentioned previously we now have some funds to divide. 180 kSEK is in the company. The suggestion is as follows:
    100 kSEK to stay in the company for going business
    50 kSEK to be divided by those that contributed. You can nominate you self before the end of october in the forum thread. Then there will be a call to divide the funds. Nominations before the 25th of October in the forum thread. You can nominate yourself and/or someone else.
    30 kSEK for further developing the platform. Ca 13 kSEK will go to EDIP for developing the macrodosing functionality but not an advanced calendar subscription functionality.


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Tonight’s recording:

thoughts on Microdose, Live Aid 2.0: Feed the Earth (LAFTE) and Love Aid:

Looking for the Love Aid connection:
sentimental love (being #1?)
fundamental love (nurturing nature?)
And the Whole Health connection
Love Aid - “A renewed spirit of wholeheartedness”
LoveAid: Giving and Receiving Wholehearted Support? There may be a connection with Give Love ?

Maybe creating a functioning LAFTE network can be a process of identifying the connection between LAFTE and all other interested/invited organisations? And of course all organisations are invited to find or recognise their LAFTE connection, with Love Aid being the first.

Maybe we can use World Toilet Day on 19 November to initiate a LAFTE Microdose? The Rallying Call of Nature, perhaps? Or, having just watched a Tom Morely clip, the LAFTE Team.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s event. Having been given the password I then went and bought a ticket. It’s fair to say I’m still not quite up to speed with navigating this site!! Not to worry, I’m getting there and at least I know I had no hesitation in paying 99cents for the ticket.


Tonight’s open space recording

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