World of Wisdom

Read this first! Welcome to WoW Forum <3

Welcome to the World of Wisdom open forum!

This is the main hub for all World of Wisdom-related conversations and anyone can join. You can also check out our website and join our mailing list there to stay in the loop. There is also a simple data room where we all can upload relevant content. Note that no other official communication channels are used to steer the direction of the WoW community.

Before using this forum, it is important to know the following:

  1. You are expected to honor WoW’s 10 Guiding Principles while using this forum.

  2. You are expected to communicate with full transparency. This means that if you’re part of a team working on a topic, the community expects you to keep posting updates and inviting others to way in on your actions and collaborate with you. If you go off on your own, without informing and inviting the community, your topic could risk being frozen (yes, that’s a cold and scary thing). So simply keep posting updates, ask for guidance from your peers and stay open.

  3. It is the responsibility of the topic creator to set a pinned team post at the top of the topic (here’s an example: WoW Communications Team). The post should cover the following:

  • Who are the current team members working with this topic? (put an @ in front of their usernames)
  • Who is the main point of contact for the team and how can they be reached (@, email, phone or whatever info you’re willing to share)?
  • Does the team have any other communication channels or recurring meetings, and how can one join those? (Note that anyone is welcome to join any team at any time, and that teams are autonomous as long as they stay transparent and honor the guidelines.)
  1. This forum has various categories and sub-categories for topics. As an example, to find info on the WoW Gotland gathering, choose category Gatherings (#gatherings) and then sub-category WoW Gotland (#gatherings:wow-gotland) . Get an overview of the categories and categorise your topic posts accordingly. Also be smart about how you name topics - look at how others do it first.

  2. This forum is the hub guiding all of our work, so make sure you only start new topics if you are willing to truly engage in them, and don’t create any duplicates (they create chaos and will be removed).

  3. If you notice any misconduct on the forum, incl. if a team stops communicating transparently or doesn’t honor the principles, report it to the administrators. The community will then work it out here on the forum, or in open space meetings if necessary.

That’s it! Now go change the world tiger!

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