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Remaining budget from WoW August 2020

We’ve been looking over remaining budget from WoW August 2020. In tonight’s open call, the following suggestion as made and decided to share for input here on the forum.

We currently have approx 180 000 SEK in the bank and here’s the suggestion for what to do with that:

  1. Keep 100 000 SEK in the bank for future needs

  2. Dedicate 50 000 SEK to pay people who dedicated a lot of energy and love at WoW August 2020. Who gets to share this will be decided by open nominations. Deadline for nominations is Oct 25. To nominate yourself or someone, simply post your nominations in this thread. Those nominated will then be invited to explore together how do divide the money between them - as an experiment and opportunity to learn and explore the energy of money and our relationship to it.

  3. Dedicated 30 000 SEK to develop the online platform and website further. A first step would be to use approx. 13 000 SEK to create an always-open online gathering where community members can freely set up sessions (we currently call this WoW Microdosing).

All thoughts are welcome on this matter, especially if you see any reason not to pursue this suggested line of action! The deadline for nominations (point 2) is Oct 25 2020. The deadline for the Microdosing development cost is Oct 15th 2020.

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I would like to nominate the following hero’s from WoW August to get some payment:

Amit Paul (@Amit)
Louise Edwinsson (@Louise)
Melker Larsson (@Melker)


I also feel like the key people behind the project, and who have been putting a lot of energy to make it happen, deserve payment.


I’m incredible humbled <3 I think you should be among the nominated as well!

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Hear hear. I nominate @nils.

And would like to presence the communications team. I do not know the inner workings of the team so I won’t mention individuals but as an outsider I’d say there should/could be candidates there…



Indeed, at least @Malin @Linus and @davidhjlindberg deserve nominations, I’d say <3


<3 <3 <3 !!! What he said <3 <3 <3 !

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Thank you so much for nominating us :heart::heart: We miss you guys and hope to be able to join the next call :heart: Big hugs!

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I would like for us nominees to explore the payment division, so what do you say about setting up a meeting for us to discuss? Some questions I’ve been pondering myself and that I think might be helpful before such meeting are:

  • What do I want?
  • What do I think each nominee deserve?
  • Should it be an equal split or how do we determine value contributed?
  • What does any potential financial return represent for me?

The process of how we do this might seem insignificant but I think it’s really relevant for how WoW, and similar initiatives, move forward and become economically sustainable even at the personal level. Please contribute your thoughts <3
@nils @Amit @Louise @Malin @Linus @davidhjlindberg


Yes let’s! How does early next week look for you all? Maybe schedule a time in private messages?

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yeah! Lets. I’m flex next week.

Sounds great! Yes lets do it, Tuesday evening or wednesday works for us.

WoW Aug 2020 - Renumeration process
There was a gathering back in Aug 2020. Thank you for co-creating it with us. Each and every one of us that was there, participating, co-creating, engaging, interacting with it digitally and physically made it into what it was and what it was supposed to be. There were also a few of us that had spent time prior to the event getting it all together. Making sure it happened. During the event to make sure technology was there and worked, recorded things, designed things, transported things… you know… stuff… With out that, there would not have been a possibility to create what emerged. Now we’ve settled that some of those people, that did that work have gotten paid. This post’s purpose is to transparently share how that happened.

The process:
During our meetings in the spring we decided as a community to set a side some money (if possible) to pay those that took on lead roles of the project.
After the gathering we put together the finances, paid out grants, covered costs, decided to reinvest the lion share back into the organisation so that we can keep building our movement, and finally saw that we had a possibility to split a sum of 50 kSEK or ca 5 k€ among those that the community felt deserved it.
We posted a thread with an invitation to nominate oneself or others that one felt should get part of this money. The invitation was that those nominees would then hold a meeting and decide among themselves how the funds would be distributed. If the group could not decide, the money would be split equally. This was up for several weeks with an open invitation for anyone to nominate.

That meeting has now been held and you’ll see the results below. Here are some of the take aways and also the process we used in the meeting.

We hosted the meeting over zoom at a time where all contributors nominated could be in the call.

We checked in and also shared some sensations regarding what we were feeling around this exercise. Without going into detail the common sentiment was discomfort and elevated stress. Wanting “to get it over with”. Fears and anxiety coming up around the topic especially about not wanting to destroy relationships of community. The key part of the anxiety in these discussion seemed to emanate that was with people that one had found through engagement, on the basis of a passion driven engagement, not primarily in a business/project context.

We explored curiously. The group decided that we would answer three questions on the topic:

  • What did you do for the gathering that motivates you being in this call?
  • What is your need for the money?
  • Is there any emotional desire or aspect that is connected ot the money?

Each participant shared. The group had the possibility to further highlight or underline traits and bring up additional topics that the participant missed. This process was seen as generative and nice as a feedback and sharing of appreciations.
The next step was done through a google form where every participant attributed a % number to each of the other participants describing how we should distribute the money in the group. The averages of this % number was what was actually paid.

Finally we allowed for people to object or address any remaning tension. The group expressed that we were aligned around the outcome.

The feedback for next time was - again without going into too much detail. Good process. Scary. Gave insight.


  • Better perhaps to have the sharing, then allow for one to think through the distribution and submit that and follow up the next day with a short follow up meeting / checking of the outcome to allow for more slowing and reflection.
  • Better to have this closer to the gathering when things are more fresh.
  • Communicate the process upfront (next time).
    You’ll find screenshots of how the funds were distributed below. Funds in SEK.

Curious? Other comments or thoughts? Ideas? Does it spark an emotion? Please reach out. I’d love to explore what comes up.