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Say hello! A thread of member introductions ❤️

Realised it’s hard to see who’s on this forum, so let’s introduce ourselves!

I’m Nils, initiator and humble member of the WoW community. I’m passionate about societal change and expanding human consciousness. I’m also a holistic coach and advisor. I can sing ok and love big mountain skiing.

I’m part of many autonomous teams here, including communication, WoW Visby and others.

Feel free to reach out!

Ping for more intros :pray::heart:: @Amit @annaeliasson @Malin @Louise @lalagogo2 @Melker @mojrakel @caspian @davidhjlindberg @King_Daniel @ElinErken @tova @fabivuki @Frida @feliciaakerlind @Nathan @Paz @Petter @Robert @manueltimane @Henkson @JoB @MaruMaru @CaptainFutur3 @epoquei @Dani


I’m Amit.

I’m a long distance runner. I’m stubborn. I’m motivated by change. By taking on that which is difficult. Unknown. Complex. I’m in a state of flux at the moment but I think it’s fair to say that I am passionate about facilitation.

I love my two wonderful kids. My wife. I love skiing and trail running. I love physical challenge. I love debate and theorising, reading and exploring new topics. I want to make the world a better place.

I’ve had two careers: 6 years as a “world famous” pop star. 10 years an entrepreneur launching new, green technology into the plastics industry.

I am grateful to be part of WoW and the community. Even where we are now (spring 2020) to experience something that has such incredible amounts of synchronicity and energy is bliss.

I’m involved in a lot. Organisation. Admin. Facilitation. Visby. Legal structure. I will be involved in more.

Let me know if I can help you. In any way.


Hey everyone!

I’m Caspian. Absolutely crazy about Apple products, chocolate, HipHop music and questions.

I’m currently mainly a content creator, both doing written, some graphics and video creation and editing. I’m passionate about hosting processes and seeing people develop over time!

I haven’t taken much part in WoW, but had one conversation with Nils about it and the whole concept intrigues me, and I will make sure to help out where I can.


I’m Melker, passionate about health(in all aspects) and sustainability. I’m also geeking out quite hard on both music consumption and creation. I’m curious and quick to jump on new ideas which has led me to have very broad interests. I’m currently working out creating value from the synergy between my interests. I like to use my analogy of knowledge as a spider web, where I’m trying to weave a net and connect different strings - because you never know when and how a fly will pass.

Super excited to be part of this! Just getting started with finding my place within WoW and I’m completely behind the cause.

Reach out to me if you think I can help with anything.


I’m Louise! Hello!

I moved to Visby 1,5 year ago, because I am a MANIAC about waves and the ocean and a keen (very keen) surfer… All year round. I’ve got a business degree somewhere but rarely use it. Own my own business as a Coach, suck a instagram, great at talking and listening and creating solutions for the future. I have a bit of ADHD, but quite aware of my speed of lightning and slight chaos. I try to meditate and like yoga (sometimes). As a person I’m very curious, positive and energetic. Hope I can contribute with energy, ideas, sales, budget, little local knowledge on-site as well as hosting a workshop at the camp. Possibly an Ecstatic Dance and/or group coaching. Let’s see what brings for us!!!


Heey, I’m Axel.

Who am I - I’m interested most things but I suppose my main focus is on health and well being in general and specifically in relation to topics that start with P’s such as: Philosophy, Psychology and Physiology. In the last couple of years, I’ve spent my time between travels, buried in books/youtube and at different universities studying the aforementioned P’s. Apart from that I also love being in nature, working out in most forms and thinking/listening/reading about generally important issues.

My weakness - Paradoxically, I suppose the root of my health interest is also the root of my main weakness in that trying to portion out the limited time I have I usually end up spreading myself to thin and burning the candle from both ends. This led me to the decision that it would be wise for me to step down from any formal commitment to WoW, for the time being.

Nownownow - For now, my focus is on my health, my studies, writing and developing a workshop relating to all the above that I will bring to WoW.

Contact - I’ll drop in here every now and then but my default answer when it comes to any engagement is simply - “No”, for the time being. But if you still need to reach me I’d suggest facebook -


Hi everyone, I’m Jo
I have a lot of ideas and I am also discovering how my productive energy is freed up by my learning how to be grounded, earthed and balanced. I am practising this through Yoga, Permaculture and Self Inquiry at the most basic level whenever I can, hence my interest in compost toilets! My yoga practice is founded on the healing power of the base chakra and I practise Self Inquiry through the Work of Byron Katie for which I am Helpline qualified. I recently got interested in the charity WaterAid. They are active at festivals so there is a connection with WoW and I’m keen to explore that. What else I bring is many years’ experience in operations management at Knebworth House, Gardens and Park which is famous for its festivals and I have an honours degree in Modern European Studies (German, Economics and Politics) from Loughborough University in England. More recently I have spent much of the past 14 years living on the Greek island of Zakynthos.



Im Martin. Im resonate with all things around sustainible future and i love challanges. At present i think i challages my self around my feelings. Dare to express my self and be friend with my consciousness. Im here, not always on my way to next thing.

I work as CEO of a smaller powergrid economic association. I love the nature of non-profit company. We build infrastructure and networks for the people and companies we serve. So they can live and keep evolveing in this “electricity age” we live in.

Im also a father of 3 kids, who now screams for breakfast. …intro to be continued later on


Hi, I’m Thomas, I live in Helsinki, Finland. I am most interested in society, in what could be and what that means for the participant. What is adulthood? What qualities are called for? What makes peace more likely? How to offer experiences that can widen the view and deepen my trust in my abilities? How to cultivate the better?


I’m Elin. Hi! :slight_smile:

Not sure in what way I can contribute here, but want to make myself available. Grew up in Los Angeles, Stockholm and Tallinn. Stockholm-based right now.

I challenge the beliefs of people who identify themselves with their anxiety and diagnosis. Certified coach who has a lot of knowledge in challenging behaviors e.g. ADHD, OCD, and Autism.

I’m curious, detail oriented, creative, singer, writer, in love with words and human communication. Have a fairly high energy level so I meditate and run/crossfit daily.

Reach out on FB if I can be of help in any way.



I am Christer from Sweden (60 years). Been interested in global system analysis for about 20 years, have written one e-book “Why and how to upgrade human collective wisdom” and some other documents related to, among others, a new food/material/energy system, a global collaboration system and metaphysics. I like future visions. Have a website

I am a permaculturist and economist. Have worked for the United Nations Industrial Organization, some private/state positions and owned some smaller companies.

I am curious, like quality conversations, is interested in a lot of things (both theory and practice). Have recently renovated an old (100 years) skerry cruiser, and has now sailed a couple of times for the first time in my life.

I believe humanity is in an accelerating phase, close to a bifurcation point, and many around the globe feel a mission to contribute to a necessary and welcome transformation.

I m father of three and live in Lund, Sweden.



Hi Everyone,
It’s so exciting to be part of this community. Knowing a little from Nils prior to joining. I’m happy to be here with the intention to contribute with gifts and graces of. knowledge and an open ear to listen & learn with you all.

My specialty is in healing at the nervous system level as a “trauma” therapist. Focusing on developmental and shock trauma. Which is really to say helping people function better under stress, so they can BE happier, healthier and in alignment (from the inside).

It’s rewarding helping people feel safe from within - then being gifted by witnessing the life shift that happens in a moment. Because of all the conditions they set (with me or others) in their lives to experience that magic.

I’ve worked for over 25yrs as a bodyworker and healer.

Have been working online for over 5yrs and still see people in person. Recently have hosted retreats and am currently structuring curriculum for online self guided and guided programs.

I have a black belt in hapkido, love to cuddle with my cats and read.

My free time is learning tech, sigh. (it took me 10mins to figure out how to post here,)
A self proclaimed luddite attempting to transition onto the global stage of wellness. Needless to say I have help posting on instagram!

Looking for pleasure in all the little things is what I’m so good at and model for others.

I Love the plant kingdom, mineral kingdom. Studied shamanic herbalism (not hallucinogenic - but how to journey with regular herbal medicines i.e rose)

Desiring to own and operate a healing center some day growing food, rehabilitating traumatized animals and hosting retreats…

I Love to travel and meet new people, I’m curious and a true optimist :purple_heart:

In the near future I’d love to learn how to fly a plane…
Facet gem stones… or become a goldsmith (oh maybe that’s distant future)

In another life I’d learn how to sail around the world
become an astronaut and mad scientist with a bad ass laboratory (yeah, I have A LOT of interests)!

Favorite place is where I can hear the sounds of nature, by a lake, a mountain, under rainforest trees, by a stream, mediating in my room, listening to the wind, in a sweat lodge, on a yacht, floating in water, anywhere it’s quiet or there are sounds of nature, animals or birds. Especially love the sound of fire. Sitting in the dirt after a sweat lodge and listening to the crackle and watching the fire spirit dance.

Sitting around the “fire place” in community is simply the best. Aho.


Am an old soul, in a semi old mortal body. Autodicdact personality with a seriousness and heavy focus on cosmic selfrealization through education, learning and true behaivour.
Have several creative potentials such as creating fire tools, firedancing, street shows, unicycles, graphic posters, virtuality (SL) and am a serious Urantia Book reader, translator and promoter ( Location Denmark) Assume my primary support in WoW will be related there to and offering of graphic philosofical poster illustrations.


Welcome! :heart::heart::heart::pray::pray::pray: :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Hi, my name is Charmaine and I´m a Brit living in Germany and have been here 28 years so far. I have had a burning inner desire to be part of “something bigger” ever since I was a child, but not known what.

Wow, sounds like it could be something that will push me out of my comfort zone although unsure about how I can contribute yet but I´m sure I will as I´m pretty persistent when I want to do something!
I love good conversation with others who “get me” and the world and collaborating although I am also a bit of an introvert loner too and I might have a dash of ADHD!

I come from a traumatised childhood. My parents lost our house when I was about 3 years old and we ended up living in a caravan. My mother became an alcoholic and my father died when I was about 10 and a half from cancer of the throat. I took her to court, divorced her and put myself in a childrens home.

I´m self-employed with my partner running a product business and I´m about to start my side-business as a Life/Confidence coach. When I work with clients I challenge the way they think about themselves and the world so that they can change their beliefs and perspective and live more peacefully with themselves and start to contribute to their lives and society in a better way.

I am totally into personal development since having healed myself from my trauma. I read a lot as well as run sporadically. Started running in 2016, ran my first half marathon in 2017 and my second in 2019. Was signed up to do my third this year in Scotland until Covid-19 appeared!

I am qualified in life experiences which I´ve put to use when coaching as well as having worked in the Social Work arena. I´m currently studying for a Psychology Diploma, doing a Journaling Therapist course, about to take my NLP Practitioner´s exam, am studying Hypnotherapy, CBT, DBT and am an amateur artist. I paint mainly portraits in oils but started doing the odd landscape a couple of years ago when I find the time.

I used to be into outdoor pursuits when I was younger and was an instructor. I love swimming and enjoy walking and cycling although don´t find a lot of time these days. I have a dream of learning to scuba dive ever since I snorkelled for the first time in the south of France years ago.

Love meeting different people and cultures and learning about them and travelling, although I´ve only had the chance to travel around Europe so far.

I run a FB group called Art for Art´s Sake - The Mastering Confidence Community and have started creating a beta course in Mastering Confidence and signed up my first student recently who will co-create with me.

Feel free to follow or friend me on FB. Here´s my link to make it easier to contact. :wink:

Great to meet you all! :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing how this all develops.

See you later alligator!


Chris are you in contact with Ekskäret foundation? They are really into folkbildning for consciiuse upgrading. Please give me a call if you are not in contact with them and I can connect you …and yes of course, welcome gjve me a call if you feel like exchanging ideas and experiences even if you are in contact with Ekskäret. I am supporting the folkbildning initiative from the bottom of my heart.

Maria-Paz 070-557 28 19