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Sessions as pod casts

Hello dear World of Wisdomers!

I wanted to explore the possibility of uploading more sessions from the Wow gathering in August as pod cast episodes. I listened to Amits session the other day and I really enjoyed listening to it in that format as I could listen to it and step away from the screen and take in the conversation in a different way. I think many of the episodes could work really well in this format and I think more people could then get access to the brilliant content that was co-created during the event.

Another small but good aspect of having the sessions as podcast episodes is that I read that the internet has as much impact on the environment as the flying industry and that one thing we can do is to minimise the download size of everything as much as possible. Even though it probably is just “a drop in the sea” I think it could be something to take into account as I assume that the podcast episodes would be smaller than the videos?

Any other thoughts on this? How many sessions were recorded during the event? Have never really worked with sound editing, but i could probably learn how to :slight_smile:

Big hugs!

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I love that suggestion!! I think we can export more content like that!

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That would be awesome! I for one would listen to all the sessions and I am sure many more would too. How can we set about to make it happen? Do we have the raw material collected somewhere?

We have quite a few videos on our Google Drive. Start there maybe? Most of it is up in our YouTube as well so maybe easier to look there…

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Toppen! Jag gissar på att YouTube komprimerar filerna så kanske är bättre att ta dem ifrån drive. Jag är verkligen ingen stjärna på ljud, men kan höra med Amit om det är ngt specifikt man ska tänka på så kan ja ta på mig att titta på detta.

As the “Techie” on site I have a few preservations. First of all, I think the idea is great and if we can manage to extract more valuable content then why not? I know Amit is on this with the other STC sessions.

However, many valuable sessions on site will probably not be fit for podcast purposes. And I’m not thinking of privacy or anything like that, but rather just the format. For example, some sessions had the host with a mic - which means that the audio on the recording is good or sufficient. But then questions from live room participants were asked without a mic - which leads to inconsistencies in the audio. In some instances the tech guy even forgot to pause the music?!(ooops).

So with that said, I’m not discouraging the possibility of this but I’m throwing a bit of caution.
And for the future we might be able to curate sessions with the potential of creating a podcast episode out of it. I think this foresight can be very helpful for the quality of the end result - if that is to be a podcast episode :slight_smile:

Thanks Melker!

Personally I don’t mind hearing “the space” around the people in a recording as long as I know that the recording is not from a podcast studio but from a live session. The different volumes etc. I think helps for me to imagine the size of the space and if I know beforehand that it was recorded in a massive Tipi-tent in Gotland it sets the imagination going :slight_smile:

I “listened” to the session with Maria Paz on youtube, I had the phone in my pocket so I didn’t see the people in the session and that session worked really well to listen to. I think it helped that I knew beforehand about the setup with the online call and that the sound could be a bit inconsistent so I didn’t mind that.

Amit had an introduction in his episode and I think it would be nice to have that in all the ones we choose and then we can also, in that introduction, tell the listeners about the setup of the session and about any audio problems.

Just some thoughts that popped up :slight_smile:

Happy Lucia :slight_smile:

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