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In a conversation with Nils the discussion of changing the name from “Nucleus Camp” to “Seed Camp” came up.

It removes the feeling that it is central and replaces it with the feeling that it is something from which the rest can sprout and keep growing (connected to Amits offboarding idea).

We also said that it is cleaner and less “try hard” when just looking at the two words themselves.



Not sure if it was necessary to create a new topic, so move if there is another place where this fits better. ping @nils

I love Seed Camp! I vote yes!

Me too! I was always thinking nuclear-camp before, so Seed camp is riiiight to my heart!!! <3


Me too. Seed camp feels right. Or just The Seed. Drop the “camp” thing?


The Seed!! I like it!

The Seed! Really nice

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I just realized that the website, as well as this forum are not using HTTPS.

Not being much of a data wiz I only know that this implies that the site is less secure and as a result suffers quite substantially in Googles rankings.

Just wanted to put this info out along with my wish for it would be fixed!


Well spotted! On it!

The promo video on the main site is not functional. I suspect it to be some minor fix in the embedding / link, so that should be fixed asap.