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Tech / Facilitation / Support camp @ Wow Aug 2020

This is a thread for organising the facilitation / tech / support camp.

If you feel inclined help here would be greatly appreciated. Here are the topics we’ve been discussing.

Facilitation: We are producing ceremonies from Gotland. Those physically on location would be greatly appreciated if you want to help out in putting things up and building stage etc. Also we will be needing hands for managing sound, cameras, the zoom/online interface. Perhaps managing chats and helping and helping out participants in the zoomroom during the ceremonies, making sure everything works.

Tech: We have needs for tech and I will post what those needs are below. There is also need for tents to protect the tech etc.

Support: We have an idea of running a support camp. Both emotional support where people can land or integrate experiences but also technical support. The form for this will likely be a zoom room and a telegram chat (or similar) that we can organise around.

Do you feel called? Please help us make this the best, most awesome event ever!


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Asks for technology. @nils @Louise @Linus @Artemis

What we are thinking

  • Cameras. 2 x cameras and a mixer + wifi node. (Renting this from Segerberg media) - if you have stuff please reach out to me @Amit asap.
  • Sound for ceremonies: 4 headsets / hand mics + Digital mixer (Using my stuff). We need 2 active speakers and we need DJ equipment.
  • Stage / light: We will build a small set for the ceremonies. The backdrop will be the nature and we will put up a ceiling (for shade and weather protection) that we will also light up to make it look cool. We will also have front light to make things look pretty. LED for the backdrop and 2x fresneller / profiler for fronlight. We need tents one w walls to protect the tech and one w removable walls for the “main stage” where we’ll host ceremonies. (Help! @Melker you mentioned potentially tents?). We will probably rent the lights from HETeknik (local firm).
  • Electricity: We will be renting 2x 5kW generator to run the tech. When we aren’t using it for the ceremonies it could potentially be used by those participating.

What we are missing:

  • Screen/TV: Does have (and want to bring) a big TV preferably >40 inches. To use for showing online content on the location.
  • Room microphone. Does anyone have a microphone that we can use for feeding in sound from the location to the overall feed. (We forgot this)
  • DJ equipment - can anyone hook us up?
  • Active speakers. Like 2 mackie speakers or something like that. Both for hearing during the ceremonies but also for the DJ/party sets and to participate in digital content.
  • Tents for weather protection: We need 2 tents. One with walls for the tech camp. Let’s say a 3x3 m would be fine. For the stage a party tent with removable walls would be ideal. Preferably 2.5-3 m high and perhaps slightly bigger 3x5 m (?).
  • Headphones (both miniTele and 1/4 inch connections) - bring as many as you have… :slight_smile:

This will be updated as we secure stuff and as we find out more things we need.


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I’ll hopefully bring a projector to show online content, but don’t have screen.

I talked to Olle (superhero that helps us out w the tech) - he says that in order to use a projector outside it has to be super hardcore especially during the day. Night time it might be fine but… perhaps we can find one locally?! (Especially for the ceremony at 1500 and anything that is done during the day)

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Good point, mine is just a standard one so let’s aim for other screens or a stronger projector… Or set up a tent around it I guess?

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No luck so far with the tents unfortunately.


So a short update on some on-site stuff

I’ve asked as well as Cramo but the easiest guys were Ramirent:

Ramirent gave us a nice 50% discount
-Toilets + electricity:
Rent for 4 toilets and el-aggregat 20kwh: 4975sek
Cleaning/Clearing of toilets: 2340sek
Delivery of toilets and el-aggregat: 950SEK
Insurance: 592Sek
= 8857sekm ex VAT

  • Tents:
    I’ve asked for offert on
    unless we have someone out there who can bring ?
    2 White tents 3x3m (with walls for tech-stuff) and 3x5ish meters (w/o walls) for the Seed



Shor update from my side. Segerberg media made magic and styled us further in price for the rental of the cameras. We are at ca 18-19 kSEK + moms. (Very good). I’m still working on the lights - hope to finalise in the next couple of days.

As it seems now I give my blessing/goahead for the @Louise set up on power etc. VERY nice work Louise thank you thank you thank you!


  • Are there “people” that can pull in a) the generator and b) the toilets? That would save us some money…
  • Tents as Louise asks. “Normal” party tents / Kärftskiva tents would be fine…
  • If any one has a hay-stack (höbal) lying around that is apparently the shit for isolating the sound from the generator… anyone wanna bring a few?

(Also are you keeping track of the awesomeness happening at the This is going to be so cool!)

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I just set up a container for this at the event that I called Open Space: We’ll link that to the Wowzoom and keep it open as much as possible throughout the event…

Anyone that feel the calling can organise a session or sign up for facilitation in this camp… password is wow.


Just read the email about things needed on Gotland. I have a party tent to lend. But requires a trailer or van to be transported. @Louise.

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Woow! Thanks! Where is the tent located? I live in Visby and can pick it up this week! If it’s in Stockholm I know @nils got some connections going here next week!

It’s located on Södermalm, in my attic.

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Ping @Petter (Petter Wallberg) - who maaaaaybe still has some space in his car. @Christophe you might know him, so maybe PM him on FB?

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Awesome. Tent: Size? Color? I’ll try and see if I know anyone going to Gotland from Sthlm the coming days as well…

Here is a “To do” with things that are done / pending
Green = Done
Yellow= Pending

Please feel free to add anything you feel we are missing at the offline local gathering at Gotland.

@Louise I’ll bring the small things like fire extinguisher, first aid kit etc.

Nobody has contacted me saying they can fetch the tent (5x7m white). A car is too small, vannor trailer is needed.

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Thanks @Christophe <3 You’re a legend.
Reg the tent: Does it have “walls” or is it possible to keep it open?
@Amit maybe this tent is too big for the seed…?

@Malin or @Linus are you guys able to pick the 5x7m tent up (if needed) in Stockholm coming here?

Hello :slight_smile: how big is the folded tent?

@Louise I think that would work fine too… we can always frame the cameras smaller… if there is weather you might all wanna pile in there?! Looks right now as if weather will be pretty good… I’m still looking into renting too… But if you @Malin think you can get it with you it’d be nice…

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We can get it from Stockholm before we leave as long as we can fit it in the car. @Christopher how big is the folded tent?

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