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The Great Awakening @ WoW August 2020

The Great Awakening - Shed light over darkness by @Amit9

We explore the different levels of awakening and the shadow self where bondage is how we reflect our own limitations to ourselves. And with everything that which happens in the outer world is a reflection of our inner attention as per the depth of our or an understanding.

Let us immerse together into the ocean of knowledge, where the detachment is correlated in a different dimensional thought and understanding it as the decentralized flow of creation. Spiritual to creative action: inner work to open source.

Behind open source, there is a strong culture where presentation of patterns and models for debate is championed. Open source may have started as a classification for software source code and a development model, but it has moved far beyond that. It is the challenge to approach the world in an innovative way, looking for solutions that break from tradition, and doing so in a collaborative environment where transparency of process is the most important virtue.

Currently, We are living in a society that loses its rights more and more with each new day, where the ordinary citizen gets more oppressed, living their life less freely. We need an alternative that can give us a little hope to return to live a free and fair life. The answer is decentralization.

We will make a connection with how open-source communities influences the world today and how the revolution that has taken over the early years of the internet is happening again. Most importantly what inner change happens the deeper you go in correlation to it. How the engagement in this level of depth of the game of life can change the way you function for the best.


BOOM!! Can’t wait for this

Couldn’t find a link on this event. Is there one or is it onsite?

Ah, now it seems to be fixed. Getting to Marcus’ meeting room

QAnon has exposed the global corruption and ushered in the Great Awakening. This is where you get the bread crumbs of information: - The Media, corrupt politicians, new age/ fake spirituality are all at war with us and our human consciousness.

Hi! I’ve been thinking about this post for a while and would like to invite you to consider rephrasing your post into an invitation to explore together, rather than an opinion communicated as a truth statement.

When reading your post, I sense friction in myself regarding the principle of consent (i.e. not forcing opinions on each other) and since I deeply value honoring the WoW principles, I would love to explore how we can communicate invitations to explore topics rather than our individual perceptions of facts. That said, I hope this post is seen as an invitation to co-create and explore. How does that land with you? <3