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Ticketing WoW Visby

Let’s start discussing which ticketing service to use.

Here are a few options:

We can also sell tiickets directly through (which is a great planning tool we wish to try out for Visby anyway).

Thoughts and more ideas? @Petter and others <3

Maybe keep it simple and just do Eventbrite?

I’ve started setting up an Eventbrite account as a test. We need a Paypal account for it to work, so I suggest connecting one to The Woke Company for the time being (since it has bank accounts etc). thoughts?

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We now have an eventbrite page ready to go for WoW Visby and tickets will soon start rolling out. We’ll discuss how/when in the online meetup March 19th (9pm CET) at

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Tomorrow we will open a curated first ticket sale for WoW Visby! I’ll post instructions here as well as on the old Slack, and in a few private messages to community members <3

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