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Useful Online Tools

Do you have any useful online tools that you think would be valuable?

If so, great, we want them all! But please, if possible leave a short description as to why it is useful i.e. what purpose it would serve WoW. Also, if you happen to know of any good and short onboarding video / text, put that in the same post.

Free, Simple, and Creative are prioritized.



I really like Mural - !

I think Mural could be useful for both brainstorming and organizing our own meetings and could also be used to host workshops in the events themselves. It is both Free, Simple and allows for people to be Creative.

Onboarding video for those that got curious -


I was just recommended Notion as a project planning/community tool:

Maybe worth looking at :slight_smile:

Here’s an interesting list of disruptive tools:

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A fun tool to bring snapchat-like filters to your Zoom calls, which could be fun for online WoW gatherings:

"Please note that an update a few weeks back broke Snap Cam’s integration with Zoom on Mac. However! There is a workaround…

To reset permissions for Snap Cam & Zoom integration:

  1. Close out of Zoom & Snap Camera

  2. Go into Terminal on Mac OS and paste the following code:

sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/

  1. Enter your Mac password

  2. Open Snap Camera when finished

  3. Reopen the Zoom application & choose Snap Camera as your Video input"

This could be a very useful platform to manage all aspects of money within our community:


@nils re: I really like the whole open collective idea. Let’s get that started if no-one has a better suggestion. We can begin this way and then we can always shift to something else should we want to. Another interesting aspect is that one can apply to become a hub of collectives… that would down the line allow for facilitation of different events to have different collectives still under the WoW umbrella i.e. further lower threshold for creating participatory gatherings. Pricing also looks reasonable. To test it out it’ll be $10 /month… What say you?


I agree, def worth a try!!!

Nifty tool for online streaming:

I agree too! Sounds great and very suitable for us <3

If you wish to pre-record video to use as livestreams in online camps, this might be helpful:

Google Meet looks sharp these days. Might be a betterootion than zoom for people planning online camps! Includes noise cancellation and up to 100 participants:

Here’s another very interesting conference tool, that I think we should look at for our future versions fo the platform:

A cool tool for doing more professional streaming:

Ping @Amit @Axel @Melker etc <3

Potentially relevant tools for hosting future online gatherings:

Cool tool for making Zoom calls better and better-looking!

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New tool for integrated livestreams. Could be worth exploring for future versions of our platform maybe?

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Here’s some tips in how you can use your iPhone as a externa webcam during a video call… thinking it could be useful for our gatherings

ping @nils @Melker

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Oh cool!!! Will check it out

Interesting platform that might be useful for us:

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