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Vocabulary brainstorming

This is a thread to brainstorm around what to call things, for instance changing Nucleus Camp to The Seed.

One concrete question, what to call camps (if camps feel to “Burning Manesque”)?

Naming of camps:
Pow-wow: To exchange viewpoints or seek advice for finding a solution to a problem. A coming together of a coming together a number of persons for a specific purpose.

Or it’s Soil and Seeds?

I personally feel they are all more confusing than the word “camp”, but I might be wrong.

I love the analogy of planting seeds and looking at WoW as something that emerges like a wild garden or a forest. Maybe words such as soil, seeds, roots, spores, branches etc. could be used, but maybe that’s also making it more confusing than necessary. Camps are still pretty standards at festivals of all sorts, right?

Agree. But then I nerded out on the etymology of powwow and now I’m in love with it. It is SO much more precisely what we mean by camps… “You organise your powwow” “Groups powwow around the seed”
It has native american roots where the clans and chiefs used to powwow together to solve a common challenge. These gathering often ended in dance and feast. And it is the meaning of exchanging viewpoints and seek advice for finding a solution to a problem… I thought the literal meaning of it to be so on point and super beautiful.

After discussing this deeper with @Amit today. Here’s another perspective:

In the name of making our vocabulary as accessible as possible for people everywhere, it should be as simple and straightforward as possible - thus, not overly conceptualised. With that in mind, a suggestion could be:

Hosts create WoW Gatherings.
Gatherings have Participants who set up Camps around their Challenges and Gifts.
Each Camp offer Sessions.
At the gathering, the hosts set up the Host Camp, which acts as a hub for communal Ceremonies.

Thoughts? @lalagogo2 @Melker @Linus @Malin @Amit @Louise @annaeliasson @epoquei @tova and the rest of you <3


I like this perspective, it’s simple and accessible :slight_smile:
Indeed for example Camps are a bit “Burning Manesque” like mentioned above, but at the same time - if something has a positive meaning for so many people - why invent something new :slight_smile:
Ceremonies might be the one still hard to grasp, but maybe it also adds some curiosity? :slight_smile:


I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you!

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Cool, and then you are free to give your host camp a name of you like (to make it more fun and adaptable). So we could refer to it at WoW Gotland as The Seed (Host camp) for example. How about that?

I like this terminology! For a yet-to-be-burner it seems to be clear enough what the different parts are representing. Camps are used in all sorts of festivals so that should be widely understandable :slight_smile: Even the word Gift can be a bit ambivalent, easy to interpret it as a material thing until you read the description of the actual gathering and WoW-principles.

Contribution instead of gift could possibly work, it would produce a triple C - Camp, Challenge, Contributions. But contribution doesn’t have that warm and lovey feeling that Gift has :slight_smile: