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WoW blog/online hub for a new society?

Hey guys,

the amazing Rudá Iande had a suggestion that we, in these times of worry and transformation, use WoW’s digital channels to gather people, wisdom and content to co-create the new world.

Beyond what we’re already doing (gatherings, weekly online meetup, and this forum), the idea would be to create a blog section on the website and invite wisdom keepers, scientists and experts to contribute content there.

I will start exploring that together with the autonomus communications team, and anyone is welcome to join!


Axel is all of a sudden sharing the stuff he is writing… Should we maybe ask him if we could share his posts?

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YES YES YES, we most definitely should! Will you? I can push from my side then :wink:

joint forces… without any pressure… haha

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Thanks to the amazing @davidhjlindberg we now have a blog on our website! I suggest we start inviting guest bloggers (e.g @Axel, Rudá and anyone else you suggest) as well as gathering content from others that we’d like to highlight. We can also post regular updates about our progress, maybe once a month? Thoughts? @Amit @annaeliasson @lalagogo2 @Melker @Louise @epoquei @Malin and everyone else <3


Exciting indeed!

I think most of the posts should come from the heart and minds of our guest bloggers, but it could also be strategic to write some posts based on SEO patterns. Of course they should be on topic, but good maybe to touch on some topics that the community is already thinking about and would like to learn more about/discuss/be inspired from :slight_smile:

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I agree! Also thinking that @Amit might be a person to wrote something for the blog as well? :wink:


@Amit would you perhaps consider:

  1. Writing a post about our shift into online/offline gatherings?
  2. Sharing some of your plastic articles?