World of Wisdom

WoW Hållö postponed due to Corona virus

I’m reposting this message here, from the hosts of WoW Hållö (originally posted in the Facebook event):

"Hej there Ljusglimt,

We are sad to say that World of Wisdom @ Hållö will be postponed and all money we can recover will be sent back to you in the coming week. This is due to the wrath of nature and an act of god.

Here is a form that you can fill in to register for getting most (-105 SEK) of your money back…

Sadly some money is tied up with bank costs and cancellation fees.

We are very sad to not join you in cuddles, energy, bubbles, touch, play, dreaming, cooking and being - right now - but are very juicy and lush with the promises of a bountiful future on another desolate shore.

With warmth,

Your world of wisdom team @ Hållö"