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WoW Live Aid 2.0 Feed the Earth

Here’s a link to a draft pitch for the gathering (plus the text):


Get involved with World Soil Day!
Live Aid 2.0: Feed the Earth

The Benefit of Whole Health
Live Aid 2.0: Feed the Earth will be composed of a network of local micro festivals that in its entirety will be a global demonstration and celebration of resolutions that impact positively on all 17 UN Global Goals in one . Each individual event will show how we can all in our own way live in harmony and at one with the true call of nature, yielding Whole Health in the process, through direct, carbon positive, concerted action.
The festivals will culminate in a Reunion with Earth Party on 5 December, World Soil Day .

The Cause of Whole Health
Ancient Wisdom has it, and natural science concurs, that “whatever we do to the earth we do to ourselves”. That means if we can feed the earth, we can feed the world. It’s that simple. Realising this is the start of being a party to the solution. Live Aid 2.0: Feed the Earth will see artists united with audience participation to show the world that we can all Feed the Earth for our own benefit!

Getting Down to the Business of Healthy Returns
Live Aid 2.0: Feed the Earth will highlight inspiring stories of how, even in what were previously regarded as the poorest areas on earth, children are already experiencing the Whole Health benefit of simply learning how to feed the earth, like this. Though this may as yet be too much information for some, nevertheless it’s a fact that wherever unhealthy pit latrines and open defecation are replaced with safe and healthy compost toilets the benefits are immediately self-evident and fundamentally life-enhancing.
“Raising Children in Whole Health” headlines the event and raising money will play its part too, in supporting the spread of Whole Health initiatives that not only prevent the risks of waste and pollution, like this, but also yield healthy energy in the process of returning desert to productive homeland. Watch Super Smart Integrated Biosystems, Modern Island Solutions, The Future of Urban Farming and Productive Urban Gardening for more hi- to low-tech examples of what feeding the earth can achieve worldwide!

Getting Down to Earth
It’s no coincidence that the same Whole Health benefits are already being experienced at major festivals such as Glastonbury and a large-scale Live Aid 2.0: Feed the Earth event organised on the same principle of direct, carbon positive, concerted action is feasible where circumstances allow.

Whatever the size of festival, the Live Aid 2.0: Feed the Earth event and its legacy will contribute directly towards the attainment of all 17 UN Global Goals in one, with the ultimate universal goal of Yielding Whole Health. With a little encouragement we can all play our part for this common ground common purpose – and give ourselves a real cause to celebrate in the process!

If you think there’s a sound basis for Live Aid 2.0: Feed the Earth, you are invited to stage or join a micro-festival online or on location near you, using the World of Wisdom platform. Thank you.

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That very interesting. I’m curious if there is a specific ask you have from the community? Is there something in motion that participants can tag along with or should one start by thinking in terms of events relating to the SDGs?

Also the link seems to be pointing to a local file not a weblink. I can’t get it to work.

Thanks @JoB for sharing.