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WoW Visby Team, Trello Board & WhatsApp Group

This post covers who is currently involved in the autonomous team for the WoW Visby Gathering 2020.

Here’s the public Trello board where all autonomus teams for WoW Visby are collaborating. For invites to be able to edit the Trello board, PM @Amit

For faster daily communications among the current team members, we also have a WhatsApp group. For invites to the WhatsApp group, PM @nils

Current WoW Visby team members:


Here is an idea for structuring future work once we have participants:
When we have some participants (Let’s say early may) we will start bi-weekly open space calls for participants at Gotland.

  • Initiation ritual and
  • Maker meetings for camps etc.
  • Maker meetings for central org.
  • Q&A

Also a online document catalogue that we update continuously:

  • Short presentation of oneself. Are you associated with a camp?
  • Short presentation of camps.

Here’s the recording of our Zoom team meeting April 13 2020:

Here’s the recording from our meeting on April 15 2020: