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WoW Visby Ticket Release #1

We are now ready to begin the first release of tickets to WoW Visby 2020. Please note that this release will be curated in the sense that we will only distribute invites through this forum, our old Slack and private messaging (email, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.) - but NO public posts yet.

The reason for not posting publicly yet is three-fold:

  1. We wish to build this very first WoW gathering aroubnd existing community members to start with.

  2. We seek to make sure locals from Gotland get access to tickets, and we’re still planning outreach for that together with Region Gotland. Thus, we don’t want to oversell tickets at this point.

  3. When we post more publicly, we wish to have more content supporting “newcomers” to make sure they understand what WoW is before joining.

That said, feel free to purchase tickets and invite friends (through private messaing only) - starting now <3 <3

Message example for sending out invites (feel free to use):

Who in their right mind would send out invites to a gathering in the middle of a global pandemic?

Well, we believe change is needed in this world, we believe we can only make it happen together, and we believe you have an important role to play in this change. That’s why we’re giving you a personal invitation to secure an early bird ticket to World of Wisdom Visby (August 11-16th in Hejdeby Kalkbrott, Gotland, Sweden).

World of Wisdom is co-created gatherings aiming to playfully explore a better future, using 10 guiding principles ( We believe global change starts locally and from within. Our vision is an open-source global network of gatherings based on this framework.

To take part in this personal offer you will have to secure your ticket within the next 10 days. You can buy maximum two tickets in this first release.

If Covid-19 is still around in August, we’ll take WoW Visby online and also offer refunds.

*Tickets can be found at *

*For more info visit *

Join the conversation in our forum (


Pingpong for those interested in WoW Visby tickets :slight_smile:

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(And then I find out it has to be 20 characters long)


In yesterday’s open call, we decided to hold off public ticket release until the online layer plan has been set (after April 28)


An idea to create some more certainty. I’m feeling a big hurdle around the fact that we don’t know what we’ll actually be doing in Aug. Is it physical, is it online, is it both… so many options. It is keeping me from fully going into doing / operations mode. Maybe others feel it too. So a suggestion…

What if we’d:

  • Only release online tickets / local tickets. Then on the 1st of Aug (or around there) we will see what the situation is. If it is possible we will then let online ticket holders convert their online tickets to physical tickets. First come first serve…
  • Those that have already bought tickets are super welcome still. They are awesome, brave heroes. But they are offered to hang around as is or ask for a refund and get an online ticket as they wish.
  • If we aren’t allowed to or cannot responsibly do the gathering of >50 ppl we will focus on gathering the production team for the Gotland node in the online event that we will be producing during these days… That way we can have a kick ass set up for the Seed or the Nucleus or whatever we call the WoW powwow (camp) and also facilitate the experience for all them peeps around the world that join in…

What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?
To create some firm footing on what we are primarily aiming to do. To me this feels like the most plausible scenario.
I think two weeks is “plenty” of time for co-creation and it might be nice to be pleasantly surprised instead of super disappointed that one may not show up in the flesh. I.e. taking away an element of potential disappointment / disengagement for participants.
Easier to plan for a primary scenario and given the last weeks of discussion there seems to be a lot of potential and uniqueness in the online layer and event design and intermeshing it with a physical event…

I suggest we decide / discuss this tomorrow at the open space if not here in the forum…
yes @lalagogo2 @nils @Louise @Axel @Melker @King_Daniel and everyone else!


This speaks to me. We’d have to figure out very clear communication around the whole thing (for current ticket holders as well as new participants), but other than that it makes sense in my mind <3

After tonight’s open space, we’ve made the decision to follow this route and sell online tickets only. For current ticket holders, we still offer local presence but naturally also include the online access (as well as offer refunds for those who want).

I’ve set up a new ticket sales page (not to be publicly shared yet) and would love your input:

Ping @Amit @Louise @lalagogo2 @Linus


I think that it’s good for now. Let’s work this through and get a copy up when we have the right analogies and the wording around the “One ticket” concept i.e. you are always a full member of the event regardless of how you chose to join… There is something in that concept that I love…

I had one comment. This sentence:
If you can’t afford even the low-income ticket, contact us and we’ll together figure out other ways you can contribute.
Can we change it to:
If you for some reason cannot afford a ticket. Please contact us, let us know your situation and we’ll get you a ticket.
Or something similar…



New ticket website is LIVE! Check it out and get your tickets:

A message should shortly be sent out to all current ticket holders for the original event, giving them two options (as decided on our last open space):

“1. Don’t do anything. Your current tickets will be converted into online tickets for yourself, along with additional tickets to give away to friends (rounded up from whatever you paid for your original tickets).
2. Ask for a refund of your current tickets, and then buy new online-only tickets.”

Hi, not sure if this belongs here, but just wanted to write we have a small camp in Gotland called “The Archetype” together with Ragnar Klingberg close to the “Seed”. Looking forward meeting you all and gifting some dance, wisdom and reflections!


Love it! Please post it here as well if you find the energy: People on location for WoW Gotland?!